What is Symprove ?

Symprove is a breakthrough multi-strain supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria. These are: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. Unlike other supplements on the market, Symprove uses a Unique Delivery System (UDS™) that ensures live and active bacteria reach targeted areas of your gut without triggering digestion in your stomach.

Why choose Symprove?

Symprove has a Unique Delivery System (UDS™) which supports and protects the live, ready-to-work bacteria from the acidic conditions in the gastrointestinal tract. It is the only probiotic with this type of delivery system. Dairy products containing bacteria are challenged by the pH levels in the GI tract. The manufacturing process for freeze-dried products also places the live bacteria under extreme conditions - something these sensitive microorganisms do not enjoy - as this alters the structure of the bacteria. As a consequence, many of the bacteria are harmed or destroyed during the manufacturing process. Symprove has been included in breakthrough, independent research by University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy, where they tested 8 mainstream probiotics on sale in the UK. The results reveal that Symprove is the only product (of the ones tested) that could meet all three challenges of being able to arrive, survive, thrive and colonise in the gut.

Is Symprove available in different flavours?

Symprove is available in 2 flavours – Original and mango and passion fruit. Symprove original has a distinctive malty flavour.

Can Symprove survive at ambient temperatures?

The bacteria in Symprove easily survive ambient temperatures. Once a bottle of Symprove is opened it needs to be kept in fridge to maximise shelf-life. If travelling abroad with Symprove, it can go in the hold of an aeroplane without any problems. If the destination is warm/hot and there is no access to a fridge, we recommend a sink filled with cold water is used to keep the Symprove cool. The water should be changed regularly and kept as cool as possible. We have many cabin crew who take Symprove and this was a top tip from them!

Why is Symprove special?

To be effective, bacteria have to arrive, survive and thrive. The bacteria in Symprove are live and active meaning when they ARRIVE they are ready to work in harmony with your digestive system from the word go. Digestion, involving strong stomach acid and bile salts, is triggered by the ingestion of food. Bacteria which are delivered in foods are therefore exposed to this and may struggle to survive in this harsh acidic environment. Bacteria in many other products are freeze-dried which means they have to be activated before they can get to work. Being inactive means they are very sensitive to the acid in the stomach and many don’t survive. For both of these types of product, during the process of digestion many are destroyed. Symprove is different because it contains live and active bacteria in a unique water-based formulation that does not trigger digestion – therefore the bacteria are able to SURVIVE through the stomach. After passing through the harsh environment of the stomach, the bacteria needs to rapidly colonise the targeted area. For products that are stomach acid sensitive, there may not be enough viable bacteria left to form strong colonies. Whereas Symprove arrives in the gut and immediately starts to THRIVE. Breakthrough independent research by University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy has recently been completed and published comparing various products and their ability to arrive, survive and thrive. This research showed Symprove was clearly able to arrive, survive and thrive better than the other products. These results prove that Symprove’s live and active bacteria arrives in the gut where they thrive and multiply to work effectively. It is critical however, that people do commit to the 12 week programme in order to gain maximum benefits as it takes time to re-balance gut bacteria.

What's the shelf life for Symprove?

Symprove has a shelf-life of 4 months.  The best before date is printed on the label. Symprove should be kept in the fridge once open.

Is there any research into Symprove?

Symprove has a strong research and development programme and is constantly improving its products. Three independent clinical trials have been carried out on Symprove. Breakthrough research by University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy tested mainstream probiotics on sale in the UK and shows that Symprove is the only product they tested that could meet all three challenges of being able to arrive, survive and thrive to colonise in the gut. Research by King's College London has shown that Symprove delivers significant improvements in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and research by Darent Valley Hospital and King's College London found significant reductions in faecal levels of calprotectin in patients with the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) ulcerative colitis.

Does it work for everyone?

Bacteria balance in the gut is complex and not all of the causes of imbalance are fully understood. Symprove is highly effective, especially if people are also managing their diet and lifestyle to avoid their main triggers. Symprove does give positive benefit to the vast majority but sadly does not work for everyone. It is important that anyone taking Symprove for the first time, uses it for the full 12 weeks to give it the opportunity to work. It may take a few weeks for the effects to be felt.

Who should drink Symprove?

People who have the right balance of bacteria in their gut, and people who want to have and keep a healthy balance of bacteria in their gut. Symprove is totally different to any other multi-strain bacteria product due to the unique way that Symprove delivers live, activated bacteria. It is important to make it clear to your patients that Symprove is not a medicine but a food supplement and should be taken in addition to a balanced diet. 

How do you use Symprove?

Simply fill the small cup provided with Symprove and take every morning on an empty stomach. Wait 10 minutes (ideally) before eating or drinking.

Which bacteria are in Symprove?

There are 4 species of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria in Symprove: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. A healthy gut contains all four of these bacteria although some people do not have enough which is where additional bacteria can help. Every millilitre of Symprove contains about 200 million live & active bacteria.

Does Symprove have any down sides?

Occasionally customers (about one in 100 people) have reported a loosening of stools during the first few days of drinking Symprove. This is usually quite normal as it means the bacteria are busy at work!

How long should my patient take Symprove?

We recommend Symprove is taken for 12 weeks to reach an optimum gut bacteria balance and we have developed the Symprove 12 week programme around this. The programme offers customers their final 4 weeks for free once they have completed the previous 8 weeks. In order to keep gut bacteria in optimum balance once the 12 week programme is complete, we recommend Symprove is continued to be taken as part of a maintenance programme.

Can my patient take Symprove and drink alcohol?

Alcohol can have a strong negative effect on your gut bacteria and also with Symprove. We recommend alcohol is avoided for a few hours after taking Symprove.

What ingredients are in Symprove?


Ingredients: water, extract of germinated barley, live activatedcultures of: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum; vitamin C, acidity regulator: trisodium citrate; preservative: potassium sorbate.


Ingredients: water, extract of germinated barley, live activatedcultures of: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum; vitamin C, acidity regulator: trisodium citrate; preservative: potassium sorbate; natural flavourings, sweetener: sucralose.

How many bacteria are in Symprove?

Our bacteria are live and active from the moment Symprove is swallowed. Each shot contains about 10 billion live colony forming units.

Why do we need these bacteria?

The bacteria in humans have been around for millions of years. Humans and the balance of bacteria (our microbiome) are mutually dependent on one another. It's only more recently however that doctors and scientists have worked out just how important that relationship is and what these bacteria do to help drive all the metabolic activities which keep us alive.

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What difference might my patient see over the 12 weeks?

People experience a wide range of challenges when their gut bacteria is unbalanced. As everyone is unique, they may react differently when taking Symprove so it is difficult to be precise about the 12 week journey. However, overall, customer feedback and our research has shown there are a few key stages in the 12 week journey. In the first few weeks, some may notice a significant improvement in their balance of gut bacteria as Symprove gets to work. Some people may experience some ups and downs during this period, but that is perfectly normal, so reassure your patient not to be alarmed and continue to take Symprove daily. In the following weeks, there should be an increase in stability as the balance is fully established. It is important to take Symprove for the full 12 weeks in order to experience the best results from a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

How is Symprove made?

Symprove is made in a controlled environment through a series of carefully controlled stages. First we boil specially selected grain to create a wort. The wort is purified and sterilised and following this, the temperature is controlled in sterilised vats and the 4 strains of bacteria are carefully introduced. The live bacteria begin to divide and once the required levels are reached, the process is halted and Symprove is ready for bottling once it's been tested by an independent laboratory. Throughout every stage, the bacteria are carefully nurtured as they are living organisms. The bacteria we use are high purity laboratory cultures which are unique to Symprove.

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Who makes Symprove?

Symprove is made by Symprove Holdings Ltd. in the UK. The founding team have over 25 years' experience of making live culture products. All the ingredients in Symprove are sourced and produced in Great Britain.

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Why did you choose the four strains of bacteria you use?

The bacterial formulation was collated over 20 years ago, in order to preserve and enhance germinated grain as a high quality food stuff for livestock. The bacteria formulation was sourced from the food industry and isolated from the environment around us. The original intent was to use this cocktail for preservation of the germinated grain and it was from this that the health benefits were then observed. On this basis the bacterial formulation has not been changed since, as this would undermine the original observations and measurements. It has now been fed to tens of thousands of animals in numerable species and thousands of people.

Is Symprove suitable for children?

Symprove is a food supplement and therefore does not have the safety issues involved with medicine. We do, however, advise using smaller doses for children.

Should Symprove be taken with food?

We recommend Symprove is taken first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, before breakfast and ideally wait 10 minutes before eating and drinking to allow Symprove the best chance of reaching the gut to quickly begin colonising. If Symprove is taken with food it will not do your patient any harm, but it may trigger digestion in the stomach which could harm the live bacteria in Symprove. If your patient forgets to take Symprove first thing and they have eaten then they should take it two hours after eating.

Can my patient continue to take other supplements?


Is Symprove suitable for vegans?

Yes. Symprove does not contain any animal products in the formulation.

Is Symprove gluten free?

Symprove is gluten free according to the Codex standard of <20ppm. Whilst barley, which contains a form of gluten, is used to make the liquid in which we grow the Symprove bacteria, the production process is carefully controlled to limit the release of gluten from the barley, and the barley grain is not included in the finished product. Compliance with the Codex standard for gluten free is confirmed with regular testing of batches of our finished Symprove products.

Is Symprove a natural product?

Most of the ingredients in Symprove are naturally occurring from the barley we use, to the beneficial bacteria that make it their home. The only additional ingredients are vitamin C, sorbate and trisodium citrate which are found in everyday foods. We also use natural flavours for the mango and passion fruit flavour having carefully tested the stability of the flavoured product before release.

Does Symprove work with the low FODMAP diet?

Many clinicians have used Symprove alongside the low FODMAP diet with great results.

Why do you use an artificial sweetener?

The original product has a unique and yeasty taste, which was not to everyone’s liking. To help palatability, we introduced the mango and passion fruit flavour, which has a tiny amount of artificial sweetener. We did not use sugar, as this would affect the growth of the bacteria.

Is Symprove available on prescription?

As a uniquely effective food rather than a medicine we are not yet available on prescription. We are in the process of planning this for the future, but this will still take some time.

How should Symprove be stored?

Before opening Symprove should be stored in a cool dark place. After opening Symprove should be kept in the fridge to ensure the live and active bacteria are kept in optimum conditions. Symprove should never be frozen or heated as this would kill the bacteria.

Should Symprove be taken during/following antibiotics?

Yes, it's always helpful to top up gut bacteria during or after antibiotic treatment to maintain balance in the gut. Whilst antibiotics usually help to get on top of illness, they can also destroy the ‘beneficial’ bacteria in the gut as they are not discriminating.

We recommend Symprove is taken at a different time to the antibiotics if possible - remember that ideally Symprove should be taken 10 minutes before eating or drinking to allow it to pass through the stomach to get to where it needs to.

What happens if a patient misses a period of time taking their daily dose?

There would be no harm suffered by missing a day or two of Symprove, but the beneficial effect relies on continued use for a 12 week period to rebalance the system. It is likely that if Symprove is stopped for more than a few days, then it may be sensible to restart the programme.

What quality controls do you have in place?

At Symprove we pride ourselves on offering a high quality product. The production process is run to full food standards and each batch of Symprove is independently tested by an external certified laboratory to check that it reaches the stated quality and purity. Symprove is also a ISO9001:2008 certified company. On top of this, our products are constantly under scrutiny within our research and development programme.

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Do you ship overseas?

We can ship anywhere overseas but until we finalise distribution contracts in various countries, we can only send product to individuals as personal use. You need to be aware that at the moment, we pass on the cost of air shipping and cannot guarantee the speed of delivery due to different practices at customs in various countries. Also, please be aware that you may have to pay import duty/tax when it arrives in the country. The bacteria will be fine to travel this distance, we frequently ship Symprove overseas and our product has a 3 to 4 month shelf life. Our overseas dispatch days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Overseas shipping costs are as follows:


4 week pack = £50.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £129.00)

8 week pack = £70.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £228.00)

12 week pack = £80.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £238.00)

Rest of World:

4 week pack = £60.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £139.00)

8 week pack = £80.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £238.00)

12 week pack = £90.00 (Total cost including Symprove = £248.00)

Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange your own courier and we will prepare your Symprove order for shipment.

If you would like to order please call us on +44 1252 413600 with your full address, how many bottles you require and your card details.