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Nicky Anstey - Refresh and Revive!

NLP Life Coach and Therapist Nicky Anstey is here to talk about how we can refresh and revive our mind, help us deal with stress and feel great!

Eve Kalinik - Chocolate!

Nutritional therapist, Eve Kalinik, tells us why chocolate is good for you and your gut!

Laura Tilt - Steps To Revive Your Health This Spring

These five actions from Laura Tilt are perfect to invigorate your sense of wellbeing!

Eve Kalinik - Gut Lovin’

Eve Kalinik is back with a special Valentine's Day message for you and your gut!

Movement! with Christian Lewis-Pratt

Laura Tilt - Fibre

Over the coming months we’re going to give a big shout out to the things we LOVE for their gut-friendly benefits. Today we’re talking the F word… Fibre wink

Eve Kalinik - New Year, Different Thinking

Here’s a couple of things to consider that might help when you are deciding whether you do (or in fact don’t) want to try something new for the new year…

Chloe Brotheridge - New Year’s Resolutions

It’s reported that only 8% of us manage to stick to our New Year's Resolutions. Be in with the best chance of being a winner in 2018 with these tips for sticking to your goals.

Laura Tilt - Fermented Foods, The New Gut Friendly Heroes?

From kombuca to kimchi (that’s fizzy tea and pickled vegetables) fermented foods have earned themselves a gut-friendly following, but do they really benefit our bellies?

Laura Tilt - A Tummy-Friendly Guide To Surviving Festive Indulgence

Laura Tilt explains how you can care for your gut during the festive season!

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