5 Accessible Sustainable Swaps

Over the past few months all eyes have been on the global pandemic. Our minds, bodies and souls have been occupied with this challenging and tragic time, and the widespread impact on our families, friends, healthcare system, economy and careers. It has been hard to focus on anything else, let alone actions to support our planet like sustainable swaps. I get it, and I don’t judge you in the slightest! That being said, I do want to bring the topic of climate change gently back into the conversation, as this issue is so urgent. I hope that by sharing some small, accessible and achievable sustainable swaps below I can encourage you to take some steps towards conscious living.

1) Eat more plants. Simply halving your meat consumption and replacing it with plants can reduce your carbon footprint by 40%. Not only this, but it reduces water consumption, land use and of course lessens animal suffering. Plus plants are pretty damn healthy, support soil health and taste amazing.

2) Choose a sustainable bank. Switch to a banking provider which invests your money ethically. You can also ask your pension provider to move your savings into an ethical fund. Your money can work towards positive change.

3) Reduce single use. Single use items, especially plastic ones such as bags, use a lot of resources and are often unrecyclable. For example, it takes twice the amount of water contained in a water bottle to actually produce it. To avoid this issue, choose reusable items when you can.

4) Shop secondhand. Whether it’s for clothing, technology or furniture – giving an item a second life helps not only reduces waste but reduces the strain on resources. Plus it is often cheaper, saving you money in the process and – particularly with clothing – means you won’t have the same high street items as everyone else.

5) Switch to green energy. There are great providers who provide 100% renewable energy and are often cheaper than other suppliers. It might seem like a hassle but honestly it is so much easier to switch than you think, and will most likely save you money.

Symprove are taking positive steps to become a more sustainable business, such as installing solar panels at their production facility and implementing a zero waste system with their grain. Know that when you order from Symprove you are ordering from a conscious company who are always trying to tread more gently on the planet.

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