A busy week at Symprove

It’s been a busy week for Symprove Ltd. with several media opportunities landing at once. One of the ways we try to spread news about our very special probiotic is through press releases. Whenever we have something newsworthy to share we develop a release and put out this out on Mondays through Health4media, a specialist healthcare newswire.

This week we’ve been really pleased to have attracted the attention of several press and online magazines, these are writing articles about Symprove which will roll out over the coming weeks. As usual our focus is on sharing real life stories from people who have actually used Symprove and volunteered to share their experience. We’ll post links and content from these here as soon as they are available.

Don’t forget that you can have live access to Symprove news through our twitter page, and we also reply to questions or suggestions posted on our Facebook page. Both of these can be found by searching for Symprove or through the links on our website www.symprove.com. The easiest way to reach us is simply by emailing contact@symprove.com.

Since we began making Symprove available through the website we have managed to reply to almost every email sent to us within 24 hours, and the majority with 1 hour, so it is worth getting in touch with us as we do always reply and there’s always a human being to communicate with. We like hearing from you!

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