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Armies of Symprove ‘friendly’ bacteria have arrived in Tesco Extra

Our bottles of ‘beneficial’ bacteria are now in ‘Tesco Extras’ around the country. Nutri Centre, the healthcare specialists, have joined up with Tesco to promote health and wellbeing across the nation – and as they say, every little helps! For all you Tesco shoppers with an unbalanced gut, why not consider putting Symprove on your shopping list? Our bottles of ‘friendly’ bacteria, help to restore balance in the gut. 1 in 5 Tesco shoppers experience an unbalanced gut from time to time. Check out the new healthcare aisle in your local Tesco store, talk to the in-store pharmacy team if you’d like further information. Some stores also have nutritionists available to answers questions too. If you’d like to learn more about Symprove and what it’s doing for people around the country, google Symprove. – See more at:

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