Symprove Limited is a research and development company based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Symprove delivers multiple strains of live bacteria in a water-based system to the target area of the gut where they can nourish the microbiome.

The company has over 25 years of experience in probiotic research and development (R&D), moving the technology from its original farming roots, to making it available for human consumption. The product was refined and in 2005 patents were filed for the proprietary delivery system.

Symprove was founded by farmer Barry Smith, who is now Symprove Holdings Limited’s Chairman.

Barry used germinated grain as a clean feed for his animals. To avoid this rotting quickly, he developed a method of pickling the grain using bacteria. This led to a product similar to Symprove. Using this product, he noticed his cows became healthier and had a lower illness rate than those on other farms.

Barry embarked on a R&D programme to produce a formula for human consumption and in 2002 Symprove Ltd was established.

Following extensive research, a range of independent testing, as well as meeting the challenges of all the regulatory bodies for transfer of technology to humans, the company started selling Symprove in autumn 2008.

Symprove has a purpose-built production facility in Farnham which uses the latest production processes to produce very high purity bacteria cultures.

Symprove Ltd has now grown and its Board of Directors include physicians, industry experts and business leaders, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The company continues to be research driven and is constantly striving to support research into gut health and the microbiome.