Symprove is a food supplement

Under EU law, Symprove is considered a food supplement and thus is controlled by regulations that apply to foods.  These regulations include specific controls on the information that is provided to the consumer, and prohibits the use of any unapproved health claims.  Unfortunately, to date, no claims have yet been approved for live bacteria food supplements and thus Symprove can only share its research information with HCPs for educational purposes.

We take the health of our customers very seriously and abide by strict regulations covering manufacturing, marketing and supplying food supplements. These include:

As a manufacturer

We ensure we comply with all of the relevant health and safety, food safety (FSA and EFSA), labelling and traceability requirements which cover products for human consumption which are made in the UK.

We have control processes embedded into our quality management system, and have regular internal and external audits, to make sure we not only comply with the regulations, but continue to improve on our standards.


If you have any questions about the regulations surrounding food supplements then please do not hesitate to contact us.