Spotlight on Eve Kalinik

For our latest blog, we’re throwing the spotlight onto Eve Kalinik, nutritional therapist. Nutritional therapy is about using food and natural supplements to help support a person’s innate healing abilities – a unique process for each individual.

Symprove are lucky enough to have Eve as one of our Brand Ambassadors, and we felt that it was only fair that we gave you a chance to get to know her better. So we sat her down and asked her some searching questions – we hope it gives you a bit more insight into her work and passions and why she and Symprove have become such good friends!

So Eve, what led you to being a nutritionist?

I guess it started from a very young age. As my father is of Polish descent, there was forever a batch of sauerkraut on the go! And my mother, true to her farming roots, always cooked things from scratch. They actually still have a pretty veritable supply of fresh produce in the garden at home that I often raid when I’m there. So eating well and understanding what real food means was ingrained very early on. Also, I did have some chronic health issues in my late twenties that lead me to seek out the guidance of a nutritionist. I was so inspired by the transformation that I wanted to help others in the same way.

What makes you passionate in your job?

Without a doubt it is witnessing the real changes and benefits you can make to someone’s life. Every time I hear a new story it’s about helping that person to change their journey and create a much healthier one. You simply cannot describe how good that feels and that’s why it makes my work so fulfilling.

How do you encourage clients to go for a long-term approach rather than a quick fix?

I’m a functional nutritionist, which means I use testing as an integral part of my practice. This can include stool, saliva and blood testing to get a very clear understanding of what might be going on and to address possible underlying imbalances. Moreover, in approaching your nutrition, and your health, with a life-long goal in mind you are far more likely to stick to it and that includes the odd treat here and there. We all know that the quick fix diets don’t work deep down so rather than punishing yourself and then going out on a massive sugar/carb/wine (delete as appropriate) bender just say to yourself that its ok to have these things from time to time. By restricting ourselves too much we will automatically invoke our inner rebel.

Your first book is out later this year. Why have your chosen to focus on the gut?

How could you not be fascinated by the gut?! It does SO much more than you realize. Obviously there’s the digestive stuff, but it also goes right through to supporting mood, metabolism and our immune system. Plus there is an entire ecosystem down there that outnumbers our human cells at least 3:1. There are trillions of microbes in the gut, more than stars in the galaxy in fact, that ensure that most of these processes are ticking along. So of course helping to feed them the right fuel is going to be absolutely crucial. I wanted to create a book where science meets the plate in front of us and that’s why it includes recipes as well as easy ‘digestible’ (!) nuggets of info.

So you see gut health as the key to overall wellbeing….?

Yes I really do. Often you can trace back many symptoms and conditions that are experienced very ‘far away’ from the gut down to digestive imbalances. Not to sound clichéd but I think Hippocrates had a point when he said that all disease begins in the gut. I just think that in many ways we are not in touch with that at all and that’s the fundamental problem. We don’t resonate with the phrases gut instinct, or gut feeling and instead ignore signals for years and years until something really dramatic happens. I also believe in optimum wellness, which means viewing health in general more preventatively and that really starts with the gut.

What made you want to be a Symprove ambassador?

Three reasons. First and foremost I have seen the real difference that Symprove has made to my clients and personal testimonials for me are a big deal. Secondly, it is the scientific research and credibility of the brand that I think is very important. And thirdly I see Symprove as one of the pioneers of gut health and a company who are engaging with the cutting edge research in their field – hence why I’m truly honoured to have this role.

What’s your personal philosophy on how to live well?

Everything in moderation. Boring but true.

If you had to chose one meal to have, what would it be?

That’s a tough one but probably has to be a really good quality organic grass-fed beef tagliata with rocket and fresh parmesan. And a glass of natural biodynamic red wine on the side – its good for digestion wink

What’s on your agenda for this year?

Well the book is my biggest project and that will be out in September – available for pre-order on Amazon now. I also work with the Guardian as one of their masterclass tutors so I will be hosting events for them. The next one in April entitled REAL FOOD will attempt to call out foods such as butter, bread, coffee and meat – food that have all been vilified. I’ll also be looking to host some more gut related ones too later in the year.

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