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Day to day here at Symprove HQ, we answer the phone and hear of the pain people suffer with their various digestive issues – life seems cruel when the majority of these people are poo-poohed by their GPS as having a “complaint”. At Symprove we want to help, and whilst we understand what are customers are going through, it would be wonderful to know so much more.

With this in mind, at a recent event an eminent Professor referred to a gastric disease in a way anyone would understand and I thought, do you know medical background or not, (and some of us do have medical backgrounds) here at Symprove we are happy to listen to all digestive issues and complaints – sometimes the customer is just after someone to listen and to get some support and that’s what we are happy to do.

At Symprove we answer the phones and listen, our customers call in to talk, want to talk and we are happy to support them – so when this Professor described a digestive complaint as “from gum to bum” it struck a chord! How honest! Tell it like it is and everything seems clearer – we have recently been busy following the genius that is Sam Cleasby and this amazing woman is bringing conditions previously ignored or deemed “un-trendy” to the forefront and how we wish we could share more with you about the effects of Symprove, than we currently do.

Every day we hear happy customers, positive stories, life changing episodes; don’t get me wrong we also hear from people still struggling, still searching, still looking for help – yet rules and regulations surrounding the benefits of probiotics stifle us! As a food supplement, we are exposed to regulations which mean we are unable to tell you about these benefits, despite being through independent medical trials at King’s College, London.

It would be great if we could relay what we hear but for the time being keep searching the internet for the stories we can’t tell you, – we are discovering more and more customers who are happy to spread the word, and if you are happy to share your Symprove experience then do give us a call. Remember, we have medical insights and customer feedback but more than this we are happy to listen and are here to support you on your journey back to a calmer, rebalanced digestive state.   

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