Mindset Change – 5 tips for eco-friendly eating at home

As part of our June focus on sustainability and environment we are looking at how we can care for our home environments better in terms of our eating and cooking.

During this period of time at home, we have all needed to consider our shopping habits and most of us are likely to have shopped less often than ever before. As neither going to a supermarket or securing an online food shop has been an easy task, we’ve all been forced to think more creatively and be more flexible with what we eat. There’s also, for most of us, been a lot less access to takeaways and of course little or no access to eating out. Home has become our restaurant, café, coffee shop all rolled into one.

Perhaps you’ve been forced to contemplate the amount of food you waste, or been more likely to plan your meals in advance so that you know you have enough for the week. Also perhaps you have been needing to be more mindful of spending so wanting to look at what exactly you buy and only buy what you need. Maybe you’ve used lockdown as an opportunity to try new recipes and learn to cook in new ways (is there anyone who hasn’t tried to make their own bread!?), or involved the whole family in creating meals for everyone.

Of course, growing, packaging, transporting and consuming food is a lengthy process that affects the environment in various ways. We are all guilty of pushing to one side the guilt about throwing away items that are out of date and have gone off, but this sort of excess consumption can have a very real impact on the environment. To try and start to address this we’ve created some simple mindset shifts in order to try and make sure our attitude to food remains one that helps the environment as much as we can.

Build a different mindset

I don’t think throwing away the odd bit of food here and there matters
It all adds up – I want to get better at it (I might be throwing away up to a quarter of my food)

I always buy too much
If I think more carefully about what I buy I will not only save money but I’ll help reduce greenhouse gases

I shop according to what’s on offer
I’ll prepare by taking a list and stick to it and I’ll therefore just get what I need

I don’t know what to do with leftovers
I’ll get creative and use online tips to help me enjoy my leftovers more

I only use a little bit of cling film each time
Beeswax wraps can be reused countless times – I can even make my own!

I’m not going to make that much difference
It’s amazing how little things add up

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