Ode to…..bacteria!?

There are some very famous odes out there, some of which you may know and love – dedicated to solitude, the nightingale, Grecian urns, heroism and the like.

We found some much more obscure odes out there too – to sleep, to the West wind; Byron wrote an ode to Napoleon Bonaparte. However it’s Chilean poet Pablo Neruda who wrote some of our favourites: an ode to wine and one to artichokes**, another to ironing and an ode to his socks.

But, and this is the truly odd thing, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of odes to bacteria. Strange huh.

So, oh yes, you’ve guessed it – while full of the joys of the month of love we decided to write our very own ode to what we at Symprove love best. An ode to bacteria.

What follows might not be Poet Laureate level, but we can honestly say it’s from our hearts. Here goes:

An ode to bacteria

Oh purest bacteria! We salute your tiny form.
Our gut strives to achieve your perfection.
The golden liquid which daily we imbibe,
Has countless live and active bacteria inside.
Its four species a happy family,
Bound together for metabolic support.
A natural supplement to fuel our guts.
Barley-based wonder, uniquely formulated.

We hold our overflowing cup to the light
To marvel at its beauty.
Light in colour, like delicate autumn leaves.
Oh golden nectar! Heal us from within
And show us the way to better gut health.
Oh please! Put us on the path to reduce
Gas-producing bacterium
And give us relief

Oh purest bacteria! We drink to thee
You are so effective
Yet your mysterious ways of working
Are so unfathomable to us mere mortals
The laboratory where you are grown and multiply
Clean, untainted and subject to rigorous testing.
Then encased in your mantle of plastic
Sent to our homes on wheeled chariots.

Oh Symprove!
We will never tire of starting each day
With your admirable strains of barley-based bacteria.

** perhaps best to avoid if following a low FODMAP diet.

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