Brand new look. Same great Symprove. 

Look who’s had a makeover! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to give Symprove an exciting new look. Look out for it in your next delivery. Rest assured our gut-loving formula is staying the same though. Because why mess with something so good?   

Why the big change? 

Our rebranding journey has taken about a year. The decision was made to redesign our look and feel to make it more modern and distinctive, taking it into the future with a look that better reflects the purpose and character of the brand. 

We’re in love with our new logo, which reflects both the ‘S’ for Symprove, but also the gut. It’s got a really empowering (dare we say superhero-esque quality) to it. The colour seems to signify both energy and calm at the same time, and works really well with the white of the rest of the packaging to give great contrast and a ‘scientific’ look that’s still warm and inviting. Our pattern also gives a hint to the gut, as well as an idea of movement and energy, making sure the whole package captures that ‘Symprove feeling’! 

Putting it to the test 

Some of our customers helped test it out by responding to our consumer survey a few months ago, and we also did a series of tests with prospective customers – essentially giving us the thumbs up to make our final choices.  

Same great Symprove 

We’d never make a big decision without you, which is why we want to reiterate that our formula (the good bugs) has stayed exactly the same. It’s our packaging which has had a makeover. 

If you’ve had your next delivery, send us a snap on Instagram @symproveyourlife. We’d love to see.  


Team Symprove x 

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