Can anyone have a Symprove subscription?

Anyone who has completed the 12-week programme can sign up to a subscription.

Can I have a subscription delivered abroad?

The subscription programme is currently only available to UK consumers. This may change in the future – do leave us your details if you’d like us to let you know.

Can I pause my subscription?

Whilst we are still testing the subscription service we are unable to offer the option to pause it (this will be available once we roll it out fully). For now, you would need to cancel your current subscription and then ring us to activate it again when you are ready to re-start.

Can I switch flavours once my subscription is set up?

Please contact us on 01252 413600 or email us at if you would like to change flavour.

How do I cancel or change the frequency of my subscription

Please telephone us on 01252 413600 and we can make the required changes to your subscription.

How is my subscription delivered?

Providing your subscription is set up prior to 4pm, we will send out your four-pack to arrive on the next working day.

How much should I take on the subscription plan?

The recommended daily amount is 70ml.

I’m a new customer. Can I set up a subscription?

The subscription plan is open to those who have completed the 12-week programme. Please telephone us on 01252 413600 to set it up.

When is my payment taken?

Your payment will be taken at the point of set-up and the product will arrive the next working day (for all orders placed before 2pm). Following payments will be taken from your card, at the frequency agreed at sign up stage (every four, six or eight weeks).

Why do you offer subscriptions of varying lengths?

We recognise that customers tailor taking Symprove to their own needs and these are the three most common frequencies of purchasing a four pack.