Gluten Free Awareness Week Has Got Off To A Good Start

Symprove probiotic team member reports on Day 1. Being a big lover of pasta, breads and pastries as well as an avid baker, taking part in the GF Awareness Week run by Coeliac UK was always going to be a challenge – and doubly so this week as I’m in Spain …. so it will be useful to see if I can provide any tips for those of you who may be holidaying here this year.

Day 1 started off …. as always with a serving of Symprove (egg cupful) followed by a glass of chopped pineapple having read Miriam Stoppard’s morning health tips on their juicy benefits. Knowing that it would be hard to do without a mid morning croissant, I headed out to the bakers just in case they stocked anything gluten free – a resounding no! So it was on to the Health Food Shop to buy gluten free bread for toasting. It’s not that easy to find gluten free products in the general supermarkets similar to those in the UK so health shops are best. Whilst there I bought various gluten free flours with the idea of baking some GF cakes and noticed some interesting looking sun-dried banana snacks at the till so grabbed a bag of them too.

Eager to get my partner involved (well it’s always nice to have company), I popped a chicken on the rotisserie and then got on with some work. A couple of hours later, we had a delicious lunch of chicken salad with fresh mango dressing (and made extra for another day), followed by strawberries.

Later in the afternoon I couldn’t help eyeing the bag of sun dried banana when I went to make a cuppa. DELICIOUS and chewy, almost like sweets and smell wonderful too! What a great energy snack. I think they’d taste just as good chopped into a gluten free cake.

Then it was time to dash out of town to run an errand getting back around 20.00 to make supper. I had a craving for red meat which is unusual as we don’t eat a lot of it so perhaps my iron levels were low. We opted for steak on the grounds that it was quick to cook with some steamed potatoes and sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Tonight, we plan to have a go at Lulo’s Risotto as her recipes suit people with all sorts of intolerances, see having had a meaty day yesterday. Will report back on Day 2 tomorrow.

Main observation: With limited knowledge but knowing gluten can ‘show-up’ in all sorts of things, made a mental note to allow extra time to read ingredients lists carefully – particularly abroad!! Very few products in Spain are marked gluten free.

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