How do you go about choosing an effective probiotic?

Apparently, every cloud has a silver lining, however, this hasn’t always been the case for people looking for solutions to gut symptoms, until a new and unique probiotic product came along.

So what does this mean? To help us illustrate all the characteristics of an effective science-based probiotic, we came up with the Symprove Cloud. Over the coming months, we’ll cover the key characteristics mentioned on the Cloud, and why these are important consideration to make when choosing a probiotic.

Here are some of our recommendations to think about for starters:

  • Is the probiotic alive?
  • Does it have the ability to start work as soon as it is swallowed? This is known as being ‘activated’.
  • Does the probiotic trigger digestion in the stomach?
  • Can these sensitive microorganisms survive the harsh conditions in the stomach?
  • Do the bacteria survive extreme temperature changes well?
  • Have the bacteria been freeze-dried causing them to weaken as a result of sub zero temperatures?
  • How do freeze-dried bacteria ‘wake up’? And how long does this take?
  • Is the type of probiotic ie its format, able to work at its very best for you?

We’ll be answering these questions and more over the coming months, with the help of the Symprove Cloud, so you are completely in the know when it comes to selecting an effective probiotic.

Over the last decade, Symprove has worked hard to develop a probiotic that is truly fit for role to support gut health. We believe that probiotic companies have a responsibility to deliver ‘what it says on the tin’, or in our case, the bottle!

Symprove your health!

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