It’s the little things

January. Not everyone’s favourite month perhaps after all the excitement of Christmas. We’re trying to start the year with a good old de-clutter, my plan being to throw/give away or ‘retire from service’ something every day. Clears the head and makes us feel prepared for the year ahead. It seems right to use that slightly quieter time to re-group a little and assess our environment. It may be a small thing to organize your sock drawer or tidy up the kitchen utensils but at Symprove, we truly believe it all will add up and make you feel better as the year begins.

Here at Symprove too this week we are particularly amazed by the little things and how they add up. Like bacteria. It’s kind of our thing.

Someone here in the office enjoys their numbers and sent us some amazing little factoids that we thought we’d share with you. So here goes. If you have just one dose of Symprove you’re getting the equivalent of 10 billion bacteria. One little lactobacillus is only 0.000,003m but if you times that by 10 billion you’re looking at 30km of good bacteria per dose of Symprove! It’s amazing how small things can add up. Literally.

This means that if you’ve done our 12-week programme, by the time you’ve downed those 84 shots you’re looking at 2,520km of bacteria. Hurts my brain to think about that trying to fit inside me! That’s Lands’ End to John O’Groats, and back again.

But here’s the craziest numbers of all – in one year Symprove produce enough bacteria to get to the moon and back, not just once – fifty times. Those small things really do add up.

So what we are really saying is ‘we love you’. To the moon and back. We are your January cosy blanket and bowl of soup with a hug on top. Are you feeling that nice warm glow that only comes from being loved by bacteria? I know we are. 

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