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​Leaving on a jet plane …

This last week has all felt a little bit surreal, landing at Washington DC last Wednesday to prepare for the Digestive Disease Week conference on the 17th May 2015. The largest of its type “in the world” as often is the case in the US of A. We came to disclose the result of our “Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study using Symprove.” Ann and I dispatched a little early, Andy my fellow Symprove crusader joined us on the Friday along with Dr Guy Sisson and Dr Bu Hayee, the two lead clinicians on this endeavour, not forgetting the eminent Professor Ingvar Bjarnason, who as I have mentioned in previous blogs has been my guide and mentor on this and other studies, over the last 13 years.

Back at Symprove HQ we left, Mike, our CEO, preparing to muster our brilliant team to action if the ground-breaking outcome from this trial gets picked up by the press. Once again the team will help us to spread the story on how Symprove can help thousands of people who suffer with IBD, in much the same way as they have positively contributed to the IBS community.

So why is it surreal? Well because it has all come about by fate, as Mike always delights in explaining. (Not so much since Mike joined us it has to be said, he has managed us all into proper procedures and management systems to make us more efficient, but with a gentle touch that has kept the caring part of Symprove intact and improving). The surreal bit has been that I just kept observing how our live activated bacteria kept working on the general but measurable health of agricultural and companion animals and so did a few very switched on vets. It was these vets that said it would work just as well if not better on people, I agreed, but how on earth could Ann and I with just one master brewer, Chris, make that happen? Such a task would be daunting for major pharmaceutical companies with an open cheque book; imagine how daunting for Ann and I, who had none of their expertise or their money.

We did however have an ace up our sleeve, we knew that Symprove worked; all we had to do was to prove it scientifically at full clinical standards in an independent double blinded investigator led study!! Prof Bjarnason ran the first one, on the basis that it was easier to run a study than have me phoning him every day telling him how great our idea and delivery system is. Once the IBS study was completed with such brilliant results, the next studies followed with comparative ease – assuming you ignore time, they all take sooooo much time.

At Symprove, we are Microbe pioneers and have been at it for a long time now, well before the many publications warning of the modern day destruction of the microbiome and the acceleration of poor health associated with it came on board; so as with so many pioneers we went west to tell another piece of our story.

We now have two scientifically published studies with two more in the pipeline. We are busy serving thousands of clients with gut flora problems and every time we make a mistake during our progress, Symprove just keeps on working, calmly effectively and with none of the downsides that you would get with a drug treatment.

In a few days’ time we will know if Symprove’s story and technology has been accepted by the professionals at the conference and further afield and if our story has been picked up by the media. Professor Bjarnason has said “this is an interesting result, showing that Symprove reduces intestinal inflammation in this group of patients, without any observed side effects. There is now a need to see if these reductions in intestinal inflammation are maintained with long term ingestion and whether this reduces the incidence of system flare-ups”.

So there is, of course, still much more to be done but to date Ann and I are extremely proud and happy to have left on that jet plane and come so far … It has been an incredible effort from hundreds of supporters and followers, our team, the Kings team, the UCL-P team, Doctors, investors, consultants and family to see us to this extraordinary position.

Great effort everyone. Thanks.

Watch this space


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