Nutritionists Support

We are lucky at Symprove to have gained support from a lot of professionals who are on board with what we are trying to achieve and believe in our product as much as we do. Some of the people who give us a particularly warm glow inside are nutritionists. They’ve been there with us from the beginning as we tried to get our voice heard and spread the word about bacteria. And believe us, that has had its challenges.

Nutritionists obviously know lots of clever things about vitamins and minerals and how they perform in your body, and they know that gut bacteria plays a strong part in ensuring good health. They are adept at talking to people about how food can help all aspects of their wellbeing, and tailoring an individual programme for specific issues.

Those at a company called Nutricentre (one of Europe’s largest health food suppliers), were the first to recommend Symprove and recognise the vital importance of gut bacteria balance. We’ve recently found their blog – – and are enjoying the range of articles and thought we would share with you too.

As well as general articles on vitamins and their benefits they also focus on ‘how to’ posts – practical and easy to digest (digest – geddit?!). One of the stand-out posts is entitled ‘5 tips to get clear skin’. We’ve all got that friend haven’t we, the one with the clearest, softest, glowing skin – so jealous (sigh) – but maybe these tips can help. This time of year we definitely need to be reminded of the first tip – ‘Hydrate with water, water, water’ – even if you make sure you have some water before and after that Christmas party!

The final tip – manage your stress – touches a message close to our hearts. Stress management is important for a healthy outside, such as your skin, but it is also key for a healthy inside too. Your body needs calm to work at its peak so prioritise stress management even when you’re busy (although that sounds counter-productive), in whatever form works for you. We’ll be practising some in-office yoga to get through the festive season – goddess pose anyone? 


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