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Discover Symprove

Symprove is a liquid food supplement that contains four unique strains of live and active bacteria. Every morning, ten minutes before you eat or drink simply take 70 ml using the cup provided. Each 70 ml cupful of Symprove delivers 10 billion bacteria to your gut.

Why should you take care
of your gut?

Our gut health is strongly linked to our overall health and wellbeing. The gut microbiome helps to support vital processes in your body such as digestion as well as brain and immune health, making it important to support its healthy balance.

How Symprove works


Symprove’s water-based
formula arrives alive in your


And because it doesn’t trigger digestion it is more able to reach your gut


Once it reaches your gut, it thrives and multiplies


The thriving bacteria help to feed and nourish the good gut bacteria in the microbiome

Why your gut matters

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