Secretary of State for Health Opens New Production Plant at Symprove

(Left to Right) Prof, Barry, Mayor, Jeremy Hunt

Friday was a key milestone for Symprove, as Local MP and Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt opened the new Symprove production plant. This is part of the company’s expansion, following the creation of a natural supplement drink that has made a difference to thousands of peoples’ lives since its introduction in recent years.

Discovered through serendipity, the founding couple Barry and Ann Smith began farming over 30 years ago and wanted a better way to provide their livestock with a natural supplement in the animal feed, rather than antibiotics which was farming practice at the time.

Barley is a well-known fortifier – even the gladiators ate it before contests in Roman Times – so this seemed to be a good way forward for the livestock. After only a couple of months, Barry noticed that his animals looked healthier and thus began the long road to where Symprove is today – a natural supplement drink for people to restore and maintain balance in the gut.

Jeremy Hunt helped to celebrate the first bottle of Symprove coming off the new production plant saying, “Symprove is a great British success story for the UK and Europe.”

Symprove recently launched in the Republic of Ireland and is available in pharmacies and health food stores countrywide. Some of the pharmacy team who were involved in the Irish pilot ahead of the launch, attended the Opening on Friday.

Commenting on the new production plant Opening Barry said, “We’re very grateful to our customers, medical colleagues, friends, practitioners and advocates – all of whom have encouraged us along the way. We couldn’t have done this without them.” 

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