Spring has sprung

“Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the flowers is?” (Ogden Nash) – and the two blossom trees outside my office window are bedecked in a kaleidoscope of the most magnificent pink bloom.


It is always an uplifting time of the year, in the field beyond the offices there is a light green hue, as a new grass ley pushes through. Things are growing as winter falls away. Symprove is growing just as well with word of mouth spreading the Symprove message, saying to your family and friends all of the things that we are restricted from saying. The testimonial rate is growing, faster than a sunflower in a hurry. We can’t share these testimonials but no longer are concerned by this as so many of you are sharing your experiences with each other and on other forums, including our Facebook Closed Group so thanks for spreading the word.

Our nutritionist friends and doctors are reporting back on the positive benefits of “Microbe Based Therapies” improving the gut biome with very positive effects.

This brings me to the spring season across the pond in Washington DC where I am assured that the bloom can be as good as in the English countryside, almost – I will report back.

On Sunday 17th May, we will attend a poster presentation of our third successful study at the prestigious Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) in Washington DC. This poster presentation, will be led by Professor Ingvar Bjarnason and Dr Guy Sisson from King’s College Hospital. We are very excited to be able to attend this event and to develop the opportunities that will arise from this very important outcome, all of which we hope will be reported after the poster presentation.

On the 23rd May, we will come back to Symprove’s “Happy Valley” and the flame from the pink blossom trees will have dropped but this year’s growth will have really begun … 

Barry Smith – Chairman

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