Symprove Can’t Wait To Be At CAMEXPO In October

Exhibiting for the first time at camexpo this year, Symprove is delighted to be taking part in the UK’s only dedicated complementary healthcare event. As Symprove enters a new phase this autumn with its proprietary multi strain next generation probiotic, there’ll be plenty of news to share with visitors attending the Show, who’ll find the Symprove team on Stand 2341 opposite BANT.

A multi-award winning event, the team organisers at Diversified Business Communications UK have arranged an impressive line-up of speakers forcamexpo this year who are covering many aspects of complementary medicine,health and nutrition. It goes without saying that many practitioners recognise the importance of powerful multi strain probiotics to support digestive functions and immune health. Word is spreading fast about the importance of taking a probiotic such as Symprove that is live and activated. Practitioners are quick to realise what a difference this format makes to the way the digestive system responds to Symprove and the impact it has for people who are looking for responsive ways to support digestive functions, nutritional health and wellbeing.

As a biotech company with strong scientific credentials, Symprove has spent the last 10 months introducing its live activated probiotic to health practitioners around the UK and received extraordinary interest. With no other activated multi strain probiotic like Symprove in the market worldwide, the Symprove format is a new kind of probiotic for healthcare practitioners and consumers alike. Live and activated from the moment it is swallowed, Symprove’s unique delivery system protects and carries 4 strains of probiotic bacteria directly to the gut without triggering digestion in the stomach. This is an important distinction to make and enables Symprove probiotic bacteria to work efficiently without being weakened or destroyed from acid attacks. These proprietary strains of probiotic bacteria begin to establish and colonise within 20 minutes of being swallowed which is faster than any other multi strain probiotic on the market today.

Now working closely with many leading healthcare practitioners who quickly realised the advantages of a live activated multi strain probiotic, they actively recommend Symprove to their clients as a daily supplement as well to address specific needs. Many of these clients have since been in touch with Symprove offering testimonials so that other people can hear what Symprove has done for them. Symprove are also delighted to be joined by customers during camexpo including Dianne Taylor, nutritionist and naturopath 4yourgoodhealth, who are keen to share their experiences of Symprove with other practitioners and visitors.

“When I learned of the technology of Symprove I got really excited,” said Dianne. “At last a probiotic that I could give to my clients that would show results and I was eager to spread the word. The fact that it’s a non-dairy liquid with bacteria that are very much alive and start to multiply within minutes really impressed me. To start with, I tried it on myself, my husband and a few of my clients for different digestive health reasons and the results were almost immediate.

The diets that we eat today have so much sugar in so many different forms. When we eat we are giving bullets to the oversized enemy army of bad bacteria. That army needs to be defeated by increasing the numbers of good bacteria to improve the immune system, digestive health and overall wellbeing. The best way to do that is to drink Symprove daily on an empty stomach.” 

Symprove probiotic bacteria are nurtured on an extract of germinated barley – the substrate – which has been denatured during the sterilisation process thus making Symprove gluten free. As a water-based product, it’s also a good alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or have other allergies. Every 50ml serving of Symprove (about an egg cupful) contains at least 10 billion live activated probiotic bacteria.

For those practitioners who’d like to learn more about next generation probiotics such as Symprove, the company also host site visits and open days at Symprove HQ below the Hog’s Back near Farnham. They’ve proved very popular so far and include a tour of the production facilities as well as a buffet on the house and weather permitting, a visit to the beautiful organic vegetable and fruit garden – a real hit with Nutritional Chefs who usually leave with some fresh produce.

“Camexpo is an exciting event for Symprove and we’re delighted to be taking part. We have a huge amount of respect for healthcare practitioners and recognise the valuable and difficult work that they do. With this understanding, Symprove is keen to spread the word in as many ways as possible and is equally looking forward to taking part in the BANT cardiovascular conference the following weekend. It’s a busy year ahead for Symprove.”

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