Symprove Gluten Free Awareness Week

It’s been hectic over the last few days with various important health events taking place on our planet so here’s a quick recap on Days 2 & 3 of GF week.

Made Lulo’s delicious risotto recipe Tuesday night following goat’s cheese salad at lunchtime. Thank goodness there are so many people blogging and providing intolerance and gluten free recipes out there because this means I don’t have to think quite so hard about what to eat and they provide great guidelines too. See and

Breakfast most days doesn’t vary much – a serving of Symprove and a bit later on, some fresh fruit and oh, discovered some gluten free croissants so that made me happy! We decided to go out for lunch on Day 3 and struck gold in terms of gluten free friendliness at La Calendula in Girona. We’ve had many lunches here because all their ingredients are ecological and the chef/owner has a great knowledge when it comes to using herbs and flowers in her cooking (and happens to have written a book too). But yesterday was the first day I noticed that the entire menu is either gluten free or a plate can be adapted. How cool is that? I don’t normally go around with my eyes shut and can only proffer my excuse for missing this in the past, with the fact that we normally look at the ‘Menu of the Day’ which isn’t marked up in the same way as the A La Carte. So the world (or menus) were my oyster! The freshest crab salad with a herby GF dressing, followed by seabass baked in the oven with a light vegetable aromatic broth and sweet roasted tomatoes.

Having eaten such a fab lunch and then got back from an afternoon appointment reasonably latish, supper was a light salad.

Tip: If you happen to visit Girona and are looking for a gluten free restaurant, I can highly recommend La Calendula.

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