Symprove is gluten free

You already knew that Symprove is lactose-free, unusual for a probiotic, and that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, now we are delighted to be able to confirm that Symprove is also gluten-free.

This is an important point for people with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease which often go hand in hand with digestive problems, and so is something that we have been very careful to establish conclusively before advising our clients.

The reason for this is that one of the ingredients in Symprove is an extract of barley. As is the case for many cereal crops, raw barley contains the protein gluten which is itself a combination of molecules which vary from plant to plant.

The gluten in Symprove is ‘denatured’ which simply means deactivated when we boil the product during production. The actual amount of gluten in Symprove even before boiling is trace, however once boiled the levels are almost undetectable and fall well below the levels specified by the Codex Alimentarius for gluten free status of 20mg/kg which is the Internationally agreed standard.

NB – Please note that some older marketing material and packaging may state that Symprove does contain gluten, you can rest assured however that this is no longer the case and our probiotic is suitable for those with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease.

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