Time of year

This time of year, there seem to be germs everywhere. Invisible but powerful, they often rob the autumn of all of its joys – walking in the leaves, Halloween trick or treating, or making the most of that ‘back to school’ energy. However you describe them, colds/sniffles/viruses/bugs all sap our systems of nutrients and energy as our bodies fight to recover or keep them at bay. This knocks us off kilter, upsets our normal bodily rhythms and all our resources have to go towards alleviating symptoms.

Often a cold lasts a few days, but in a lot of cases its effects can be felt for up to two weeks. And given that most of us try and ‘carry on’ albeit with a tissue army falling out of every sleeve and a lozenge to be taken every few hours – it’s a long time to struggle on without any relief.

But what if we could attempt to stop colds in their tracks before they even arrive? What if there was a way to bolster our systems to give germs the brush off?

The idea being that if your digestive system was at maximum function, and to do this you’d need to make sure your microbiome (cool science-y word eh!) is extracting as many benefits from your nutrients as it can, your body can perhaps ward off those unwelcome little menaces. Microbiome? Well, this means the some 100 trillion bacteria that are living on your skin, on your tongue, but most importantly living in your intestines where they are beavering away to keep you functioning at peak. They will help feed your immune system and therefore hopefully give you a reduced chance of getting a cold.

So if a probiotic was helping you to make sure that your microbiome had the best bacteria it could, that might just give you the boost you need. Good bacteria 1, evil germs 0.

The average adult suffers from two-four colds a year, so potentially eight weeks of your year might be ruined by them. Not a good thought. So perhaps cold-proof yourself with a small but active probiotic army.

P.S. You still need to eat some fruit and veg though, sorry! 

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