Tipping Point

Telling the story of Symprove in the early days, meant that less than 10-20% of those that we were presenting to understood or believed a word that was being said, telling the story now with 2 positive clinical results behind us; a third from UCL pharmacy and several others in the pipeline – combined with a clear understanding from eminent medics and the scientists that we have worked with, inevitably means the story is building and has become more powerful over the years.

Here’s the thing, what has made it more powerful? If a story is strong, that’s great, but if it significantly benefits people’s health and changes their lives they start telling the story for you, it might not be the whole story but their understanding will be relayed to others, which will in turn trigger a search for further information and background.

Our Closed Community on Facebook, is gathering members quickly, this was launched to allow people an arena in which they can be honest about their gut health, share their experiences, (Symprove based or not) and be there for each other, if you haven’t already joined we do recommend (use this link, https://www.facebook.com/groups/337602883093279/ ); we have bloggers, supporting us across the country and helping spread the word, we have a group of medics regularly recommending the product so more and more support is growing for our Microbe Therapeutic. Symprove is out there, being used by thousands but as a food technology and this powerful story is now being relayed back to the medics by the user. It will undoubtedly be that person’s view, really just a single case study, but there should be enough enthusiasm there for the recipient of the story to look deeper. There are also now many people, who know the whole story – so inevitably, you have many storytellers talking and passing the news on.

As Malcolm Gladwell, states “the tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire”. Are we nearly there? You feel that you might be quite close to this important juncture when you are introduced to two people and asked yet again to tell the Symprove story, having made the initial explanation “well, we are the next generation of probiotics, microbe therapeutics really” you realise that there are two blank faces demanding an extended explanation, so you draw breath and before you can continue, a third person enters the group shakes your hand, and says “I had hoped we would meet at this event, as I wanted to thank you for Symprove, it’s an amazing product, my surgeon advised that I should use Symprove post traumatic surgery and I have never felt better, he explained it was necessary to recolonise my system after the trauma and the antibiotics” – So we said nothing, the story from another source spoke for itself, the realisation that 5 people; the two interested parties, a delighted user, a surgeon and one other bystander now know the story – is this Symprove arriving at a Tipping Point?

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