Ways to turn Blue Monday into Happy Monday

Mondays can be a challenge at the best of times – getting motivated after the weekend and stumbling back into our weekday routines. On the dark January mornings, back at work after the Christmas break and often on a diet (both food and financial) this can be even harder.

Today, known as ‘Blue Monday’, has been awarded the dismal accolade of being the worst Monday of the year. Bleurgh!

This was calculated by looking at a combination of factors such as the weather, our debt level (often at a record high post-Christmas), the time a lot of resolutions have dropped off by and generally feeling inactive and tired.

We are not going to let Blue Monday get us down, however, and we have enlisted the help of some of our supporters to give us some great ideas as to how to beat the blues this January Monday and get our happiness back on track.

Let’s unbalance that equation by firmly pushing the blues away and turning Blue Monday into Happy Monday!

“A walk and connecting with nature is ALWAYS a good idea and one of the most simple things you can do to shake off negative feelings.” Eve Kalinik

“As long as there are some exciting things upcoming in the calendar, it helps to propel me forward with my New Year motivation as I can look forward to the fun journeys ahead.” Lauren Windas

“Do what you love most. Whatever it is you enjoy, do more of it, play to your natural strengths and joys.” Tom Wilson-Leonard

“I put on a facemask, drink a litre of water and dance around my living room to a really happy song (literally all at the same time), feel like a new woman afterwards!!” Emily Clarkson

“Simple ways to beat the blues. Walk more, smile more, talk more, laugh more, be kind, be silly, sing out loud and get on the Symprove love train.” Gaby Roslin

“Move your body! There is nothing quite like exercise to release endorphins. Try an at home workout, book into a class or just go for an outdoor walk, whatever fits into your schedule.” Zanna van Dijk

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