What a Cracking Show!

Last weekend, Symprove took a stand at the Allergy & Gluten Free Show in London for the first time. Record numbers of visitors turned up – 10,588 to be precise! The show headline invited visitors to take control of their health – a message Symprove readily supports. Life is challenging enough from every spectrum so, if you can actively do something to support or self-manage your health and wellbeing, you’re off to a flying start. If you can help it, don’t wait ‘til the symptoms appear and if they already have – take control.

Saturday saw the busiest day (we’d go as far as to say it was barnstorming). We talked to hundreds of people who all had a story to tell and were keen to support themselves or help others. The Symprove team made great headway and didn’t stop for anything other than breath until a good 7 hours after the doors opened – not even for a few slurps of a cuppa! That’s a lot of talking and something we’d happily do again and again – if it means that people have a better understanding of what probiotics are about.

Of course not everyone attending the Show was looking for probiotics – they’re not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind at an Allergy and Gluten Free Show. But as more and more people popped by the stand, it was priceless seeing the faces of people who ‘got it’ when the penny dropped. All it needed was a little explanation on how our digestive system works and responds to ‘friendly’ probiotic bacteria – and as importantly – how some probiotic formats tackle and manage this better than others. As with a lot of things in life, keeping ‘stuff’ simple can be more effective than attempting to complicate matters. Symprove steers clear of over-processing what are essentially naturally occurring good probiotic bacteria produced on an extract of germinated barley. We don’t add any ‘artificial extras’ either and offer a lactose and gluten free water-based probiotic drink with no sweeteners, sugars or colourings. From the feedback we were getting at the Show, people with intolerances have struggled to find a liquid probiotic that is gluten and dairy free.

Misconceptions still exist but understanding the basics behind probiotics helps people to make more informed choices and this became apparent during the Show. There is a notion that some people think all probiotics, to all intents and purposes, have the same benefits. Others are unaware that probiotics contain specific strains and may have distinctive functions. And for many people, the viability of some probiotic products is rarely questioned as ‘clever’ marketing offers the consumer a loose benefit. So think twice before you head down the dairy aisle.

In order for probiotics to quickly work effectively and to their optimum, these delicate and ‘good’ bacteria need to be directed to specific sites within the intestinal tract without triggering digestion in the stomach. Triggering digestion can prevent many of the good bacteria from reaching where they need to be. For some probiotics, this is a challenge, as they are seen as food first and may never make it to the lower gut. Others, such as freeze-dried capsules or powdered sachets, take several hours to re-hydrate before they become active and start multiplying as first division is slow in hostile environments.

So if you’re looking for a probiotic that’s fast-acting to support digestive functions and healthy maintenance, then make sure it’s liquid but non dairy, live and activated. Being activated means that the probiotic bacteria can get to work from the moment you swallow the drink. Symprove probiotic bacteria start multiplying within 20 minutes – that’s fast. Many visitors at the Show had never stopped to think about how probiotics actually go to work and how their digestive system responds to them.

For various reasons, probiotics are viewed with scepticism by a few people and there was some evidence of this at the Show. However, it didn’t take long or much – just some solid explanations – to engage and win people round as to why it’s so important to use a good probiotic to support digestive functions and look after their health and wellbeing. For those people who want to read more take a look at some of the other Symprove blogs.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who popped by to say hello at the Show – customers, new friends, health practitioners, nurses, doctors, medical students, pharmacists, distributors and other exhibitors including BANT who pointed people in our direction. And if you’re still contemplating whether to try a non dairy gluten free liquid probiotic drink and have any questions, please get in touch with one of the team. As we said at the show, Symprove your health!

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