Why is Symprove so different?

This is the most frequent question we are asked when someone comes across Symprove for the first time, and there are several answers but the most important difference is this:

The 4 different types of probiotic in Symprove are alive and activated at the moment you swallow them. This is important because the whole point of probiotics is that once swallowed they should quickly start to divide and multiply creating a new, healthy population of bacteria in your bowel.

One theory goes that this new, healthy population will overwhelm or compete with ‘bad’ bacteria that may be causing digestive problems. This is called competitive exclusion, but there are many other ways that probiotics can interact with the human body. For example some scientists believe interactions between probiotics and our immune system are vital to supporting general health, and there is emerging evidence that the natural live probiotics found in a mother’s milk play an important role in her baby developing healthy immune and digestive systems.

What really matters is that for any of these mechanisms to come into play the probiotic bacteria need to be alive and active. Many probiotic products contain freeze-dried bacteria. Freeze-drying is a process in which something is cooled to very low temperatures in a vacuum chamber, this has the effect of removing all the water from the substance; but using cold rather than heat to do so.

If you or I were freeze-dried we would not live to tell the tale. Relatively simple creatures such as bacteria may fare better but do not completely escape ill effect. For probiotics containing freeze-dried bacteria to work they must first rehydrate (soak up water) and gradually come back to life before they can divide and populate the bowel. Under ideal conditions with the right nutrients this would be a tall order. In the acidic environment of the stomach where there are also enzymes and competing bacteria, this is asking a lot of any microorganism, and many simply do not make it over this first hurdle.

lot of any microorganism, and many simply do not make it over this first hurdle. Because the probiotics in Symprove are alive and healthy when you swallow them they are far better equipped to handle the hostile environment of the stomach. In fact, laboratory data shows that our probiotics not only survive the environment of the stomach but they actually thrive, dividing rapidly and creating a population ready and able to populate the lower parts of your digestive system where you need the probiotics to be.

Symprove is the only product which can achieve this thanks to the completely different approach we take. In some ways we think of ourselves as farmers looking after a population of very delicate organisms. Our herd (if that’s the right word!) numbers in the trillions and is composed of the four different types of live probiotic that are found in Symprove. Everything we do is designed to deliver these to you in the best possible condition so that you can get the most from your daily Symprove.

If you’d like to know more about why Symprove is so different, watch the short animation on our website at www.symprove.com, or get in touch on 01252 413600 or by email at contact@symprove.com

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