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Why should bacteria be ALIVE in probiotics?

In a recent nationwide survey on gut health carried out by Symprove, we found that 60% of people looking for ways to support their digestive health are confused by reports they read in the press, and as a result don’t know where to turn. Scientists believe that our gut health can be affected by factors such as environment, lifestyle and diet. These can upset the balance of good bacteria (microflora) in our gut and manifest as symptoms. Many scientists recommend a probiotic to redress the balance or replenish the gut.

So how do you know which probiotic to choose as they’re all so different? Science-based multi-strain probiotics with a LIVE bacteria culture (or cocktail) are the most effective.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is “are the probiotics in Symprove alive?”

The simple answer is YES and there are good reasons for this.

The probiotics in Symprove are alive because they are naturally occurring and carefully nurtured during our production process to make sure they are in peak condition when you drink Symprove. In order for this to happen, there are some important elements that need to take place. Here we explain what these are.

For probiotics to have any reasonable effect they must be ALIVE and ready to work from the moment they are swallowed. For starters, this works best if these friendly bugs are delivered in a water-based liquid, and protected as they travel through the digestive tract. Symprove bacteria are protected by our Unique Delivery System (UDS™) and delivered safely to the gut, without triggering digestion. Once these multi strain bacteria reach the gut they establish and colonise (multiply) rapidly. This unique process takes less than 20 minutes which is very fast.

Dairy-based probiotics trigger digestion which involves the release of stomach acids to break down food. However, this causes havoc for probiotic bacteria as they do not like extreme conditions, and become weakened or destroyed by the release of these acids.

When it comes to freeze-dried bacteria, they are subject to extremes in the manufacturing process and become temporarily freeze-died (whoops, did we forget the ‘r’?) and obviously are not able to do a thing until they are mixed with fluid. This manufacturing process can also cause the hair-like structures on the surface of the bacteria to break, making it very difficult for these bacteria to adhere to the gut wall.

Once the powder or capsule is swallowed, the bacteria usually manage to pass through the stomach without too much difficulty, however, it takes them a few hours to come to life again with the help of fluids (rehydration). By this time many will have travelled through the areas in the gut where they need to get to work, and yes you’ve guessed it, they pass out in your stools.

At Symprove HQ, we’re really careful not to subject our “friendly” bacteria to any extremes. They’re carefully nurtured throughout the production process and even have their own unique natural food source. You could equate this to ‘fine dining’. Part of the process includes a few days ‘napping’ before our friendly Symprove live bacteria are bottled. This process has been a 5* Star journey from the start and gives them the best chance to continue their 5* Star journey inside your digestive tract.

Start your day with Symprove and by the time you’ve prepared breakfast, our live Symprove bacteria will be well on their way to where they need to be.

Buy Symprove now at and feel the difference.

This post is part of the “How fit is your probiotic?” series.

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