Will Symprove be available in other flavours?

We are sometimes asked whether we are going to launch flavoured versions of Symprove, the short answer is ‘perhaps’. The reason we can’t be more helpful is that it’s very difficult to find a flavour which will not upset the delicate balance of ingredients in Symprove. Artificial flavours and colours are definitely not an option, from the outset we have strived to create a product which is as natural as possible and have avoided any unnecessary or artificial additives.

For people who find the flavour of Symprove a little strange our advice is to drink some orange juice immediately afterwards, it’s not possible however for us to create a version of Symprove based on orange juice because the acidity and natural sugars in the juice would affect the four strains of probiotic bacteria in Symprove if they were mixed together and stored in combination.

To the uninitiated, Symprove does have an unusual taste; it’s unlike anything we would normally drink and has a yeasty / cereal like smell with a tangy flavour. In reality the small amount that is consumed each day can be swallowed in a single gulp, so you are barely aware of it. Nevertheless, we have taken notice of the occasional feedback on this and we are currently testing some natural fruit extracts for stability. We’ll know the results in the coming months and if we can offer a natural flavour with no change to the probiotic properties of Symprove we’ll roll this out as quickly as possible.

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