World Digestive Health Day

29th May is an important day for guts everywhere. It’s World Digestive Health Day.* Each year the Wold Gastroenterology Association initiates a worldwide public health campaign to raise awareness of digestive health. They focus on a different digestive disease for each campaign, and this year it’s the turn of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

We are always keen to champion digestive health and how to address poor digestive balance. In order to explore why it is so important, we asked some of our supporters for their views – shared with you below:

Our ambassador Eve Kalinik gives us an excellent summary as to why digestive health is so vital and how diet can play a part:

“Gut health has never been so important as we start to understand just how much the microbiome plays in our overall wellbeing. This includes a healthier and more robust digestion but also has a much greater impact on other aspects of our health including mood, inflammation and managing our immune system. And its really the small changes to our daily eating patterns that can make such significant differences so by simply adopting one new habit into your routine it soon adds up. Crucially it’s about building a long, harmonious and mutually supportive relationship with you and your gut.”

Eve Kalinik

Others highlight the importance of digestive health when trying to get a healthy body through exercising:

“Having good digestive health is as important to me as having good strong legs for running – my training doesn’t happen without both of these things.” Emily Young, triathlete

“Not only with my own health and wellbeing, but also that of my clients, digestive health is the first thing I address. It lays the foundations for a successful nutrition and training plan.” Jamie Sawyer, personal trainer

Another highlights how they use Symprove to boost their digestive health:

“When you’re training to compete against the best in the world you cannot leave anything to chance and using Symprove means that my gut and my digestive health are in good hands.” Robbie Britton, Ultra Runner

And a summary from one of our supportive bloggers:

“To me, looking after your gut health is so important because it is usually the first indicator of something being a little off balance in your life (there’s a reason they call it a Gut Feeling!) Be it from stress, diet or exercise. Nourishing your body with good bacteria, good food, drinking plenty of water, moving a little more are all ways of ensuring a healthy digestive tract. But I find it’s just as important to find the time to relax a little and have some fun!” Robyn Kennedy, blogger.

* It’s also the feast day of Theodosia of Constantinople, an 8th century martyr and the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Just a little bit of trivia for you. You’re welcome. 

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