Product quality and testing

Every batch of Symprove undergoes rigorous testing before being dispatched to our customers.

It is analysed three times by an independent, outsourced Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laboratory. They check for:

  • Bacterial contamination
  • Growth of yeasts/fungi
  • PH measurement
  • Identification of bacterial colonies

Through this testing the four strains of bacteria in Symprove are checked and measured to ensure they meet or exceed the minimum requirements we expect in our product (10 billion CFU per 70ml). This enables us to be confident about our quality assurance and consistency of the product delivered to the consumer.

Once the batch has been approved by the laboratory (which usually takes around 72 hours) it is then packaged using a semi-automatic decanting machine under sterile conditions.

Throughout the whole process a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) based quality system is in use and is constantly reviewed and updated.

Gluten free testing

We use barley extract to create Symprove which naturally contains gluten. However, during the production process any gluten in the barley is removed – through germination, pasteurisation and filtration. Samples are also sent to be checked to ensure Symprove remains under the 20 parts per million limits for a gluten free product.