Hayley Madigan’s GRIT Workout to Keep You Moving this Winter

Hayley Madigan’s GRIT Workout to Keep You Moving this Winter

We know that regular movement is one of the key things when it comes to supporting your gut health. But if the dark mornings and cold nights have put you off venturing out to exercise, like 62% from our recent survey, we’re here to help. We’ve teamed up with personal trainer Hayley Madigan to bring you the GRIT workout (that’s Gut Resilience Interval Training to you and me), to help keep you active in the lead up to Christmas and look after those gut bugs in the process.

What are the benefits of low impact, low intensity movements?

“Low-impact movements can reduce stress in the body which can help ease gut symptoms. Endorphins release when we exercise which allows us to feel more uplifted and positive, again helping stress to lower. The gut-brain connection is well established and when we feel relaxed mentally, so does our body physically.” Shares Hayley.

“Due to the nature of low impact/low intensity movements being less stressful and taxing than high intensity movements on the body, this allows the body to benefit from the movements making them a perfect way to unwind the body whilst still getting all the exercise benefits for the body and mind.”

Grab your mat (and a friend!) and get ready to stretch and sweat.

Low Impact GRIT Workout

Follow the below exercises, performing 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Aim to repeat 3-4 rounds depending on ability.
Glute bridge
Bird dog
Dead bug
Low lunge with arm reach (swap legs halfway)

Bodyweight Tabata GRIT Workout

Perform each move for 20 seconds and the rest for 10 seconds. Complete 4 rounds.
Alternating side lunges
Fast punches (shadow boxing)
Reverse lunge with twist
Crab ankle taps

Low Impact Pyramid GRIT Workout

Follow these 4 exercises, starting with 4 reps per exercise, then 6 reps, working up to 10 and then working back down to 4.
Kneeling shoulder taps
Knee to elbow step backs
Side plank arm to knee crunch
Slow cross body mountain climbers

How do these exercises help gut symptoms?

1. Getting the body gently moving will help improve blood flow to the digestive system which can improve bowel movements.
2. It’s been highlighted that emotional stress can trigger gut symptoms, therefore finding a way to reduce any psychological stress can have a positive impact.
3. Certain exercises that incorporate the abdominals such as glute bridge, bird dog, dead bug, and side plank crunches all found above, can massage the internal organs (through the engagement of the abdominals) to help encourage digestion.
4. When we exercise our breathing rate changes and we use the full capacity of our lungs, this helps to open up the front of our torso and allows more room for digestion.


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