Em Clarkson's Tips for Gut-Loving Dressing

Em Clarkson's Tips for Gut-Loving Dressing

We asked content creator and professional oversharer, Em Clarkson, to share her secrets to dressing with gut issues.

Have gut issues effected the way you dress?
Massively!! I’m a part of generation body-con and I always really struggled knowing what to wear when I knew that I would bloat – stretchy jeans and a baggy jumper/top became standard and I don’t think I bought anything tight for a good few years, I certainly wouldn’t have worn it out for dinner!!

How do you embrace an ever-changing body and remain body confident?
It’s taken a really long time for me to make peace with my body but I realise that even as it changes, I, as a person, don’t. I had a big surgery on my face in 2021 that involved breaking my jaw and for a long time my face was almost entirely unrecognisable as my own; something that I learned during this time was that even as I changed in appearance, I, as in who I am in my soul, never changed. This is something I remind myself of every time my body changes.

Can you share your three tips for dressing to beat the bloat?

  1. Be comfortable, whoever said beauty is pain was probably a man who didn’t know what he was talking about.
  2. Remember that whilst it might feel like a massive source of insecurity for you, most people will not notice it or stare at it.
  3. Jeans are overrated.

What’s one thing to remember when dressing with gut issues?
That your body doesn’t have to fit the clothes, the clothes have to fit your body. If something isn’t comfortable or doesn’t make you feel good, you don’t have to wear it. Comfort is always a priority.

What’s your go-to outfit that always makes you feel confident?
Anything with a blazer, it just makes me feel like a totally put-together boss even though that is really not my personality. It smartens any outfit and means I can be really comfy and chill where it matters and use this one item to smarten me up!

Thanks, Em!

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