Lisa Snowdon’s Tips for Dressing with Gut Issues

Lisa Snowdon’s Tips for Dressing with Gut Issues

We asked TV Presenter and star of our new The Gut Couture Collection, Lisa Snowdon, to share her top tips when it comes to dressing with gut issues.

Lisa, what was your first thought when you saw "The Gut Couture Collection"?
I thought the collection was fantastic! Super creative and brilliantly appropriate for what we are trying to achieve. A full-on fashion attitude with an understanding of what people with gut issues might experience.

How did it feel to wear the Flatulence Frock, the Loo Roll Dress and the No-Bloat Ball Gown?
I actually loved wearing all these looks, not only were they very comfortable and brilliantly designed, but the fact that nothing was too tight or restrictive around the tummy made them a joy to wear, I also tapped into the slightly humorous side of what we were doing as well as the more theatrical fashion vibe.

Have gut issues effected the way you dress?
Over the years most definitely. I think you have to consider what is going to work clothes-wise if you either have a bloated situation happening or any pain in your tummy. When on buses, driving or any kind of traveling, comfort is key. Nothing that is too tight or restrictive can make the difference of a good day or a bad day.

Can you share your three top tips for dressing to beat the bloat?
  1. Opt for loose fitting dresses or size up on your jeans, to avoid anything feeling too tight and uncomfortable and feeling self-conscious of any bloated areas.
  2. Finding a good, tailored jacket can help to streamline your look and distract from your tummy.
  3. You can find some good stretchy, even elasticated waistlines that take the tight restrictive feeling away and help in a day-to-day situation, especially if there is going to be long lunches or dinners involved and you’re not sure how your body will react to certain foods.

Finally, what’s your go-to outfit that always makes you feel confident?
I love wearing suits! Dressed down with a t-shirt and trainers, I feel confident, smart but still very comfortable.

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