Tips for Dressing for Gut Issues at Work

Tips for Dressing for Gut Issues at Work

Here at Symprove HQ the team know a thing or two about dressing your gut for work. Throw in advice from our two resident dietitians, a costume designer and a seamstress, and we’ve got all the styling tips and tricks for when your gut just won’t play ball...

Where to start?

“Choose flexible materials that give. Go for something stretchy and comfortable on your bottom half, such as leggings. Go for something floaty that isn’t too tight or restrictive around the stomach area on your top half”, says Dr Sammie Gill, Gastroenterology Dietitian.

Sammie also recommends, “Picking things that don’t require too much fuss in case you need to go to the toilet urgently. Things like jumpsuits or long dresses may be impractical. Choose a waist that you feel comfortable in – high, mid or low-rise.”

Costume Designer and Stylist, Polly Mann, who created The Gut Couture Collection for us agrees, sharing, “It's so important to feel comfortable and by doing this you feel more in control of your issues! No need to follow the fast trends, build a style that works for you and your body!”

Sammie Bell, Seamstress for The Gut Couture Collection, says, “Dress for comfort all the way, don’t wear anything that you have to concentrate too hard on wearing, you’re not going to have fun if you have to remember to pull your tummy in all day.” 

But what do team Symprove wear to the office...

“For me, it’s leggings and a big jumper when I’m feeling bloated. Most days now I lean towards floaty dresses/skirts/trousers that are not tight around the tummy area versus jeans, which I used to wear a lot, in case I do get an upset tummy during the day. Also, with dresses and skirts I make sure they aren’t too fitted as I get self-conscious, so I go for things that I find more flattering for me which most of the time isn’t things that are fitted to my body.” Michelle, Symprove

“I always reach for a midi skirt with an elasticated waistband so it can expand as my body does throughout the day. I’ll also make sure it’s nice and bright or patterned to distract my mood from feeling low.” Jo, Symprove

“Leggings for comfort and a particular vest which has an elasticated waist – because it gives the illusion of not being bloated.” Shannon, Symprove

“Trendy smock dress (stretchy leggings) and pumps – looks good and hides the bloat.” Jane, Symprove

6 quick fashion hacks for dressing a bloated tum

We asked our community for their top styling secrets when it comes to comforting and sometimes concealing a bloated tum.
  • Skirts that have an elastic waistband at the back – smart from the front, expands as you need it to.
  • Tie an elastic band through your jean buttonhole for a slightly more roomy waist.
  • Size up when buying clothes.
  • Go for dresses with dropped waists or empire lines – both are forgiving on areas you might feel uncomfortable about.
  • Maternity leggings – because who doesn’t love a pant that can grow as you do.
  • High waisted everything – nothing that restricts the tum.

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