The UK’s no.1 live and active water-based bacteria food supplement

Backed by over 15 years of independent research​

We were obsessed with the gut microbiome and the power of live and active bacteria long before itwas trendy. Our long commitment to an evidence-based approach can be seen in our research programme of independent clinical trials with leading universities including UCL and King's College London. 

One powerful solution...

Unlike freeze-dried bacteria, the friendly bacteria in Symprove's water-based solution are alive when you consume them and ready to get to work straightaway. 


Symprove's bacteria are alive when they enter the body


They can survive when they pass through the stomach


They can reach the lower gut and thrive there!

Our ingredients

Live bacteria

Symprove contains four species that occur naturally in your gut. We selected Lactobacillus for its resistance to acid, and all of them for the way they work in synergy and encourage each other to grow.

Germinated barley extract

This clever grain works as a catalyst for fermentation. It helps to speed up the growth of the live bacteria, and keep the numbers steady for Symprove's shelf-life. (We source a gluten free barley, ensuring Symprove meets EU regulations).


Friendly bacteria love living in water! So water, coupled with the way you take Symprove on an empty stomach, helps limit our bacteria's exposure to digestive juices that would otherwise kill them.

Designed for your gut

Our aim is to support a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Discover more about the gut microbiome,  how it works and how Symprove can support your gut.

Meet the scientists

Professor Simon Gaisford

UCL School of Pharmacy

Simon is Head of Pharmaceutics at University College London, and an honorary teaching fellow at the University of Manchester. During his career he's published a whopping 137 papers and four books!

Dr Frederic Moens

Research organisation, ProDigest

Frederic is a project manager in microbiome research. With a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, he's also skilled in biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology. Clever stuff!

Professor Ingvar Bjarnason

King's College Hospital

Ingvar is a world leader in gastrointestinal research. He is particularly interested in holistic approaches to his work.