Symprove's unique formula helps maintain a healthy gut bacteria balance

If you’re entirely unhappy with Symprove, and you purchased directly from Symprove Ltd., we offer a money-back guarantee on your first order, (maximum of 4 bottles). However, we’d be grateful if you can tell us why so we can learn. Please email or phone 01252 413600 and speak to a member of the customer services team. To be eligible for the money-back guarantee, you must contact us within 12 weeks of your first order.

If you’d like to change flavours, and the safety cap seal has not been broken, we’re happy to do this for you, if you cover the collection and shipping charges. This needs to be paid in advance. We make no additional charges for administration.

Balance Gut microbiome in
12 Weeks

Our 12 week programme will help you support a healthy balance in your gut bacteria – and to help you out, we’ll give you the last four weeks completely free.

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