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Get a gut start to 2023

We know January is full of health fads, but come on forget gut candles, bowel counselling and anal crystals. We’re bringing you gut-health tips backed by science so you can get a gut start to 2023. 

Approved by experts and celebrities

Professor Simon Gaisford

Head of Pharmaceutics at UCL School of Pharmacy

“All of my testing has shown that by taking live and active bacteria you encourage the good bacteria to do even more good work. Bacteria are living and like to live in water, so a water-based product is going to be the most effective at delivering live bacteria to the gut.”

Ella Mills

Founder of Deliciously Ella

“I’ve been using Symprove to support my gut for about 5 years now. I was buying it for years before I even started working with them. I truly swear by it, and I really hope that you love it too.”

Laura Tilt

Registered Dietitian

“In a world where there are many claims about gut health (with good evidence!), I’m so enthused by the research that Symprove is carrying out, and excited about what we are seeing from the results. Symprove is a caring company with a dedicated team who genuinely want to support people, recognising that this is more than supplements or food - it’s a whole lifestyle approach.”

Katie Gray

Founder of the Kind by KG Method

“Symprove has been part of my morning routine for years after a nutritionist friend recommend that I try it. Once I tried it, I never turned back. It’s different to other products on the market as it’s water-based, so reaches the gut alive. The company really cares for their customers & it’s an utter joy to now be able to work with Symprove and give back. For me a healthy gut = a happy and healthy Katie."

Harry Jameson

Performance coach

“I’ve been a huge believer in preventative health for many years now. For me taking care of my gut health has been the biggest win in feeling mentally and physically at my best. Symprove is by far the best on the market in my opinion. For me Symprove isn’t just a supplement. It’s a way of life and forms part of my morning routine, EVERY day.“

Alexandra Burke

Singer & Actress

“Symprove is my life-changing friend, I really recommend it. It gave me back my daily happiness. Symprove, exercise and a coffee are key to my morning routine. It’s amazing how many people I bump into who are also so thankful to Symprove.”

Sophie Morgan

TV presenter and disability advocate

"Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I start every morning with a shot of Symprove.
I feel very strongly about the products that have changed my life for the better and I love spreading the word to help others.
The wonderful team at Symprove have been so supportive and helpful!"

Em Clarkson

Influencer (and Professional Oversharer)

“My morning routine always starts with a shot of Symprove… I’ve taken it for years, and my gut has never been happier than it is when I take Symprove.”

Steph McKeon


"Investing in Symprove is investing in yourself."

Lizzie King

Author & business owner

“I came across Symprove a few years ago and was amazed by its provenance and the research on it. I have been taking it every day since. I am loving working with such a cutting-edge brand to share the knowledge on how to keep us as well as we can be.”

Shirley Ballas

Head Judge on Strictly Come Dancing

“I’m very honoured to be a part of the Symprove family. I love my morning routine of getting my Symprove, opening the cap, and drinking it. If I can help get the word out there and help Symprove and others, then I will.”

Natalie Lee

Digital Creator

“A friend recommended how amazing they were finding Symprove and urged me to try it over a year ago. Now, I cannot imagine it not being part of my daily routine. I am obsessed with Symprove, I’ll never not use it.’ ”

Gaby Roslin

TV & Radio Presenter

"I have been taking it every morning since 2019 and my husband before that. Because I LOVE the stuff. I shout from the rooftops about how it makes me feel. And since telling friends about it they all feel the same."

Luke Bayer


"Well, what can I say?! Symprove has quite literally changed my life. I couldn’t recommend Symprove highly enough and will praise it to anyone that will listen! You won’t regret trying this stuff…"


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Support your gut this spring.

  • Vegan Vegan
  • Gluten_Free Gluten free
  • Dairy_free Dairy free

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