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Here at Symprove we’re always busy – sending out orders, helping customers with queries, furthering our research, working on our next marketing campaign – but this past year we’ve also been busy behind the scenes on our new improved formulation and flavouring. We’d love to tell you a bit more about it.


It’s fair to say that our production process was already pretty darn slick (if we do say so ourselves), but we’re always looking to improve things even further as our knowledge grows. Here’s one reason why.


You probably know that Symprove is made with an extract of germinated barley which we buy from local farms. What this means, however, is that the formulation has been subject to a little bit of fluctuation across different batches.


When we say a little bit, it’s a lot less than the fluctuating temperatures of an English summer, that’s for sure. Eagle-eyed amongst you might spot some colour and taste variations over the year but that’s going to be about it. Its quirks and variations are of course what makes nature so special, not just through the seasons and because of the weather, but also across different farms or even different fields.


However, we wanted to think about a way to improve our production process and make more consistent batches of Symprove every time. With lots of complicated calculations and some big thinking, we’ve found a way to make it all much simpler.


You might have seen from our company video on our site that we make what’s known as a ‘wort’ from the germinated barley grain. This wort is now a pre-prepared concentrate which enables us to do a few things. The key one for you as customers is consistency of taste. It has also meant that the sucralose that we previously added to the Mango & Passion Fruit flavour has been able to be removed as the new substrate makes the taste sweeter anyway.


Be assured that there’s been some extensive testing before we got it ready for the market, just to make sure that those little bacteria are happy (you’ll always get your minimum of 10 billion bacteria per cup every time). We also taste-tested the product (and smell-tested it too!) to make sure that you’ll be happy with it. Did you know that this is known as an ‘organoleptic’ test – new word learnt right there.


We asked Sammie, our in-house dietitian, to explain the change and she said, ‘the formulation is considered nutritionally superior for our bacteria because it is a standardised substrate.’ Thanks Sammie. Next-gen Symprove is superior in every way. Look forward to hearing what you all think when you do your own organoleptic testing!  

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