Portrait of Anna Whitehouse

10 Questions with... Anna Whitehouse

Anna Whitehouse is a journalist, radio host, founder of Mother Pukka, and creator of Flex Appeal, her campaign for more flexible working for all workers. She's also a part of the Symprove family. Find out how Anna heard about Symprove, and the things she swears by when it comes to supporting her physical and mental health.

How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?

So I saw it in a few of my friend’s fridges and wondered what it was about. Each of them said it was the one thing that had helped them most. From just that general feeling of wellness, one shot and they felt better. I was sceptical not going to lie! But then I tried it and haven’t looked back. I felt different in 24 hours.  

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove?

I was running on empty and started looking into gut health. I realised I invest in shoes, clothes and things but never my body. This was my first step to changing that.

What does your morning routine look like?

I start with kids scrambling over me usually. It’s not very peaceful at all. Get the kids breakfast ready and then take my shot of Symprove while they’re quiet. It’s maybe just one quick second but I feel like it’s an investment in myself when everything is chaotic around me.

Where did your interest in gut health start?

It was when friends started speaking about it. I knew I needed to make changes because I felt so low and exhausted. It was one small change to my day that had a huge impact.

Top tips for looking after physical health?

Nature, nature, nature. Even if you’re in a town or city, get into it. I am not here to tell you my morning routine because with kids it’s chaotic, not going to lie. But I have basic things I can’t live without now, Symprove and breathing in nature at every turn.

And your mental health?

I realised through the pandemic I struggled with the disconnect. I am a people person. So one big thing is contact for me. With friends. On the phone. And lots of hugs with my people. Big and small.

Why should people care about Symprove?

I think if you care about yourself you should care about Symprove. I didn’t come into the Symprove family until I knew it worked. I did a year with it and it truly changed my physical and mental - and gut - outlook. If you don’t believe me give it a go. I stand by every word.

Original, Mango & Passion Fruit or Strawberry & Raspberry?

Mango and Passion Fruit to the end.

Sip, slurp, shot or swig from the bottle?

Shot. Like in a really knackered old club for exhausted mums.

Describe Symprove in 3 words…

Does what it says on the tin. More than three words. But it, well, works.

Thanks, Anna.