10 Questions with... Lisa Snowdon

10 Questions with... Lisa Snowdon

We asked TV presenter and Symprove lover Lisa Snowdon to share how she starts each day, plus share her tips and tricks for looking after her physical and mental health.

How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?
I have been taking Symprove consistently now for almost 3 years. I heard about it from a top nutritionist here in London.

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove?
I have always been very interested in health and nutrition and the impact of gut health in relation to overall wellness and immunity. Once I did more research I was hooked.

What does your morning routine look like?
Both George and I always start our day with a shot of Symprove on an empty tummy first thing. Then we wait for 10 minutes to pass and in that time boil the kettle for me, as I have hot water with lemon, and prepare a pot of coffee for George. We do this regardless of where we are as we always travel with our Symprove.

Where did your interest in gut health start?
I have always known that the basis of good immunity starts in the gut and so many life factors can have an effect on the microbiome. Medication, poor diet, stress so many factors. That’s why I have always known that we need to help cultivate a healthy environment for our gut flora, which have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing… and don’t forget how important that is for our skin.

Top tips for looking after physical health?
Make sure you incorporate a colourful and diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, and pulses in your diet. Keep it as varied as you can with as many different types throughout the week. Avoid processed food and try to cook what you can fresh. Exercise is also so important; any kind of movement is medicine. So, whether you are dancing around the house or in the kitchen whilst cooking, getting out for more walks (aim for 10K steps), pop to a class, try Zumba, yoga, Pilates and resistance training, there are all so good for our physical and mental happiness.

And your mental health?
I would say it's pretty similar to what I mentioned before. I would add some quiet time to the list, time for you, meditation, mindfulness, taking yourself off for walks in nature away from our phones, just being. I find exercise is good for my mental health as its time for you, learning a new skill. keeping fit and moving. This helps me to get rid of worry and stress and helps to process things that are either bothering me or helps me to come up with a solution.

Why should people care about Symprove?
Health is wealth and for anyone that has been poorly and you’re reading this you’ll know exactly what I mean. We have to look after ourselves and there is so much research coming out about how the brain and the gut are connected. Healthy gut equals healthy mind for me and a shot of Symprove first thing every day is so easy to maintain.

Original, Mango and Passion Fruit or Strawberry & Raspberry?
I love the Mango and Passion Fruit!

Describe Symprove in 3 words… Live. active. Goodness

Thanks, Lisa!