15 Questions with... Hannah Thomas from Dorking Wanderers Ladies Team

15 Questions with... Hannah Thomas from Dorking Wanderers Ladies Team

Like everyone else we watched the Lionesses in awe as they achieved glorious victory in the Euros earlier this year. We felt immensely proud to see women shaping and changing the future of football, of sport.

We’ve been supporting Calum Best’s gut for years now and when he mentioned that he’d taken position as Ladies Chairman for Dorking Wanderers FC Ladies team, our interest was piqued. We’re excited to share that we’ll be supporting grassroots women’s football with a sponsorship of Dorking Wanderers FC Ladies.

We’re kicking things off by finding out more about player Hannah Thomas.

Tell us about you and your work…
I play football for Dorking Wanderers Ladies FC, training twice a week, playing every Sunday. I’m also a manager of a private nursery. I write reports and referrals, liaise with outside agencies to support children with additional needs, monitor, observe, and train staff, manage the quality of teaching and learning and events planning. When I'm not doing that, I play tennis during the week, playing in tournaments over the summer months.

What does your morning routine look like?

  • Wake up
  • Take vitamins, Symprove, oral health, and gut health
  • Shower
  • Breakfast – Cereal, fruit, green tea, and COFFEE.

How do you get match ready?
A good night’s sleep is KEY. I always lay out my football stuff and go through my bag the night before. I start the morning like any morning, taking my vitamins, Symprove, oral health, and gut health. On match day, I put on my matchday playlist and have a bath for about 45 minutes. Every match day, I will have two Weetabix with fruit, and spaghetti hoops on a bagel without fail. Stop off at the shops to get my cold coffee and put my matchday playlist on in the car.

How did you hear about Symprove, and how long have you been taking it?
I first heard about Symprove on Instagram from celebrities that I follow and have now been taking it for about two years.

Where did your interest in gut health start?
I’ve always been conscious of my health, but again, this started through Instagram and searching it up myself.

Top tops for looking after physical health?

  • Good sleep is vital in enabling maximum performance at the gym/taking part in sport/exercise.
  • Exercise that you enjoy.
  • Balanced and nutritional diet.
  • Moderation is key.

Top tips for looking after your mental health?

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.
  • Taking time to yourself.
  • I love a good bath, candles, and breathing exercises.
  • Surrounding yourself with likeminded people.
  • Feeling good inside – taking the right supplements.
  • Putting in the time and effort towards the things that make you feel good.

What do you do to unwind after a game?
I like to be around the girls I am close with in the team, and grab some food, talking about the game as well as life in general. When I get home, I have a long bath and chill out.

Favourite dish to eat before a game?
Two Weetabix with fruit, and spaghetti hoops on a bagel.

Is gut health a subject spoken about in the locker room?
Generally, no. However, I think as people are becoming more aware of the benefits, this will change; particularly around sports people who are mostly likeminded.

Goal celebration?
I’m not really one to celebrate haha. I often just wait for the girls to celebrate with them.

What are your hopes for football after England won the Euros?

  • For more girls to believe that they have a place in football. Growing up this was very different, and I hope girls around the world, not just England, will now aspire to get to the same place as the England team.
  • That this has changed a lot of people’s perception on the women’s game. There was, and still is, lots of comments on women’s ability compared to men.
  • I hope this eradicates the stigma that surrounds girl/women’s football.
  • That the women’s success in the Euros ignites more conversations and opens up further opportunities for girls to be involved in football.
  • I hope for the support at any level to increase significantly, and I hope to see increased coverage of the women’s game too.
  • Overall, I hope, and believe that the Euros win has changed women’s football forever.

Why should people care about Symprove?
You should care about supporting your body and gut. It’s a positive kick start to your day and morning routine.

Original, Mango & Passion Fruit or Strawberry & Raspberry?
It will always be Mango & Passion Fruit for me.

Sip, slurp, shot or swig from the bottle?
I use the cap and take the measured shot in two parts.

Describe Symprove in 3 words…
Liquid Life changer

Thank you Hannah!

Image credit: Justine @jussy.jpg