Image of the Gut Stuff founders, Lisa and Alana MacFarlane

5 Things We Learnt from The Gut Stuff’s New TV Show, Know Your S**t

On Tuesday night we were glued to the telly in support of our pals, Lisa and Alana MacFarlane, as the first episode of their new show Know Your S**t: Inside Our Guts aired.

Hosted by The Gut Stuff, each episode aims to break the poo taboo, covering gut-health issues, mental health and the immune system.

We’ve pulled out 5 things we learnt from last night’s show…

1. Your poo is fundamental in telling you what is going on within your body

So don’t neglect it. Familiarise yourself with the Bristol Stool Chart and where your stool sits on the chart.

2. Fibre really counts. And we’re not eating enough

First up, we need to understand what’s the fuss about fibre. In essence, the microbes in your gut can break down and ferment fibre - and this provides them with energy. As Dietitian Laura Tilt told us “your gut microbes thrive on fibre - consider it a sort of fertiliser which keeps them well fed and happy.”

But how much do we need? Well, we should be aiming for 30g of fibre each day. Not sure how to get there? Laura Tilt has shared five ways to help.

3. Your gut and brain communicate with each other

Connected by the Vagus nerve we now know that communication flows both ways between the gut and brain. Meaning that the gut can impact mood and vice versa.

4. Constipation is more common in women

During the programme, Dietitian Sophie Medlin explained this was due to women and girls being taught from an early age that it was taboo to talk openly about poo, wind and the gut. We want to change that.

5. Onion and garlic can be causes of bloating due to their fructans

But fear not. You can use asafoetida and garlic oil as flavour replacements if you’re struggling.

Thanks Lisa and Alana for helping smash the poo taboo.

Get Dietitian Laura Tilt’s 7 changes to make to improve your gut health.