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7 Questions with... The Gut Stuff

We caught up with The Gut Stuff’s Lisa and Alana, also known as the Mac Twins, to find out why we should “spread the good gut word”.

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove?
We love people that are as passionate about gut health and the microbiome as we are, we met Barry at the very beginning of our journey and loved how he’s dedicated his whole life to the cause. We think this space should be about buddying up to “spread the good gut word” and go back to basics to teach everyone the foundational stuff.

What does your morning routine look like?
Lisa: I have a very large Labrador that tends to yawn loudly for his first walk at around 5:45am, so I usually give in pretty quickly and walk him with bleary eyes, in a large coat and my PJs, to get a bucket of coffee from the local coffee van. I then come home and get the day started with a dance’y ride on my exercise bike to focus my brain and get the juices flowing!

Alana: I’ve got a 6-month-old, so very much depends on the amount of sleeping that was done that night, ha!

Where did your interest in gut health start?
Very randomly, we couldn’t have been further from health and wellbeing that’s for sure! We volunteered for twin research under Tim Spector, and took part in lots of studies there, the biggest one being the effect of nutrition on the gut microbiome. They discovered that even though we have 100% the DNA (same face) we only have around 30% the same bacteria in our guts – basically strangers! So not only did we find out our microbiome was completely unique, but we also learnt everything it was linked to and just how much our little microbe pals do for us! And thus, our gut journey began…

Top tips for looking after physical health?
Aside from getting a large dog that demands walks… Move with friends! We love working out with pals for motivation, laughter and getting you off the sofa.

And your mental health?
Again, seeing friends, one of the most meditative things we find is going to the pub with our friends to talk about everything and nothing (well call it the yibbsy yabbsys!) – clears the head and warms the soul!

What one thing about gut health do you wish more people knew?
Do what works for YOU – if we as identical twins can’t be sold the same thing, no one can! You really have to empower yourself and go on your own journey.

Let’s finish on a tip – what one thing can we do today to help look after our gut?
TUNE IN! We all live such fast-paced lives, when was the last time your asked yourself ‘how am I today’ – understanding and listening to your body is a big part of understanding your gut and often we don’t listen to it until there’s something wrong.

Thanks Lisa and Alana.