Let's talk to...Alex Danson-Bennett, hockey player

Let's talk to...Alex Danson-Bennett, hockey player

Hi Alextell us about you and your work.  

My name is Alex Danson-Bennett and in February 2020 I retired from international hockey after an 18-year career. I was fortunate enough to go to three Olympic Games and my career highlights would include both the incredible home Olympic Games in London where we won a bronze medal and the Rio Olympics where I was a part of the Women’s team that won an Olympic Gold.  

I now run my own Alex Danson Coaching Academy’, with an aim to get young people across the nation involved in the game I love. I share my career experiences with schools and businesses and am part of the Vitality Performance Champions Team, where we use mental and physical training to improve our health and wellbeing.  

How and why did your interest in gut health start?  

My interest in gut health started in 2018 after I suffered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury whilst on holiday in Kenya with my husband. For the first time in my life my heath was in a terrible way. I was unable to communicate, walk unaided, or tolerate any light or sound amongst many other symptoms. I started to research how connected our gut and brain health is.  

What are your three top tips for looking after your physical health?  

  1. Exercise little and often, set achievable goals and make a plan for achieving them 
  2. Participate in an activity you enjoy with a friend; exercising is so much more fun with someone else!  
  3. Eat well. The food we consume really is the fuel for our body and the better we look after it the kinder it is to us. 

And your mental health?  

  1. Understand that we ALL have mental health, it isn’t something we only have when it is poor.  
  2. Train your mind as you would your body. I love positive affirmations, tell yourself something enough and it changes how you feel and how you behave.
  3. I love to do yoga twice a week, it gives me time out to let my brain and body rest, recover and rise.  

When have you struggled with your health the most?   

When I hit my head, life changed overnight, and I suddenly had to consider all the areas of wellness that I had previously taken for granted. I had to plan, tailor, and get advice about how I could best look after my brain through nutrition, physical activity, cognitive activity and mindful rest.  

How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?  

I heard about Symprove through an article written by Ella Mills (aka Deliciously Ella). I have now been using Symprove for the past two years.  

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove? 

I love that Symprove is a vegan product that uses science behind it 

What do you do in your ten-minute wait after you've taken your Symprove?  

I often make a cup of tea for my husband! Then I have some time with our dog, she is very calm and it’s my form of early morning meditation.  

Morning person, or night owl?  



Mango and Passion Fruit or Original?  

Mango and Passion fruit!