Let's talk to... Sophie Morgan, disability advocate and TV presenter

Let's talk to... Sophie Morgan, disability advocate and TV presenter

Hi Sophie, tell us about you and your work.  

My name is Sophie, I am 37 and I live and work in London. I am an inclusion consultant and disability advocate, as well as a television presenter. I work mostly in Parasport and make documentaries too. I was paralysed in a car crash when I was 18 years old and now I’m a full-time wheelchair user. 

How and why did your interest in gut health start?  

My journey of discovery regarding my gut health started perhaps five years ago, when I was suffering with quite a lot of brain fog, fatigue, bloating, poor digestion and irregularity. I started reading and researching and trying new and different ways to look after my gut, and found the results fascinating. I haven’t stopped learning and I’m constantly intrigued with everything to do with the gut! 

What are your three top tips for looking after your physical health?  

  1. Find a form of exercise that works for your body. It’s as simple as that, but for people with any kind of impairment it’s really important to think outside the box and look for adaptive ways to perform physical activity.  

  2. Make sure that you eat what’s right for you, and at the right times. Don’t shy away from certain foods, especially those related to weight gain, just make sure you eat a balanced meal!  

  3. Supplement where you need to. 


And your mental health?  

  1. Find a creative outlet to help you manage emotions that might otherwise overwhelm you.  

  2. Set clear and honest boundaries both with your partner, family and friends, and with your work life (easier said than done!).  

  3. Speak to a professional, if you need to. Don’t be hard on yourself, what we’re going through at the moment is tough. 

When have you struggled with your health the most?  

Having a long-term disability, my health fluctuates. I suffer with secondary complications of having a spinal cord injury, but by and large, I keep well and make sure I look after my body so – touch wood - my struggles have been minimal. I used to get colds in the winter but that’s stopped since taking Vitamin D religiously! 

How did you hear about Symprove and how long have you been taking it?  

I first heard about Symprove on Instagram and kept seeing Symprove being recommended by other people I follow. I then did my research and have been taking it about a year and a half. 

What motivated you to get involved with Symprove? 

I feel very strongly about the products that have been a positive experience for me, and I want to tell everybody about them! I love spreading the word in that way. The team at Symprove have been so supportive and helpful! 

What do you do in your ten-minute wait after you've taken your Symprove?  

I take my shot of Symprove, and then in the 10 minutes I get my coffee ready I get my supplements out and I make the breakfast I want to eat. I try and do this with some calming music on and without my phone to hand! 

Morning person, or night owl?  

I am a night owl! 

Mango and Passion Fruit or Original?  

I prefer the original.