New Symprove formulation is on its way!

New Symprove formulation is on its way!

Here at Symprove we’re always busy – sending out orders, helping customers with queries, furthering our research, working on our next marketing campaign – but this past year we’ve also been busy behind the scenes on our new improved formulation and flavouring.

It’s fair to say that our production process was already pretty darn slick (if we do say so ourselves), but we’re always looking to improve things even further as our knowledge grows.

We’ve spent some time redeveloping this process to ensure that we deliver a more consistent product. What does this mean for you? The new process makes the product naturally sweeter, meaning we’ve been able to remove the artificial sweetener (sucralose) from the Mango & Passion Fruit flavour. The natural sweetness of the new formulation has also made the Original taste better too. Bonus.

The new formulation is darker in colour and has a new taste but still offers the same benefits you have become used to. Rest assured, the bacteria in Symprove are not changing. We want to make that clear.

There’s been some extensive testing before we got it ready for the market, just to make sure that those little bacteria are happy (you’ll always get your minimum of 10 billion bacteria per cup every time). We also taste-tested the product (and smell-tested it too!) to make sure that you’ll be happy with it. Did you know that this is known as an ‘organoleptic’ test – new word learnt right there.

We asked Sammie, our in-house dietitian, to explain the change and she said, ‘the formulation is considered nutritionally superior for our bacteria.’ Thanks Sammie. Next-gen Symprove is superior in every way. Look forward to hearing what you all think when you do your own organoleptic testing!