Our Facebook Community Share Their Morning Non-Negotiables

Our Facebook Community Share Their Morning Non-Negotiables

We've recently asked Symprove supporters Lisa Snowdon and Ella Mills to share their 5 morning non-negotiables. And now it's your turn. Members of our Symprove Supporters Facebook Community shared with us their non-negotiables that help start their morning positively. And they didn’t hold back. From sunrise shots of Symprove to energising exercise, our community have given us an insight into their game-changing habits that set them up for the day.

There's those who use their 10-minute wait to start the daily to-do list

“Get up, take my Symprove, do my daily Duolingo practice and then have breakfast!” - Jill

"Symprove shot, let it do its magic journey whilst I go to work, or if it's a day off, I do some housework or cooking. Breakfast time then and then carry on with whatever I have planned." - Marianne

"Get up and put my face on, Symprove shot, get changed then prep lunch. Walk to tube, squeeze myself on, get to work and have brekkie." - Maisie

“I wake up and take a shot of Symprove and set a timer on my watch for 10 minutes. In the 10 minutes I have to wait, I wonder when my life went from shots of alcohol to shots of Symprove which makes me feel old. I unload the dishwasher, refill the coffee machine and put bacon in the air fryer. By the time that's finished, my 10 minutes are up and I'm tucking into a bacon sandwich and proper coffee, realising that at 37 I'm middle aged, am thrilled by having a dual compartment air fryer and that I'd rather do a shot of Symprove than a shot of alcohol! I'm so rock and roll!” - Sam

Those who get straight back in bed for some all-important rest

"Go downstairs, take my Symprove, make tea and take it back to bed, listen to the radio. Hubby goes and makes another cup of tea, we get up about 9, one of the joys of being retired." - Claire

"Yes, Symprove first and foremost, back to bed, read emails, news etc., take doggo out for walk, back home relax with breakfast and tea." - Susie

"Up at 6am, take my symprove, use the toilet, make and go back to bed to watch the news with a cup of tea." - Susan

"First get up for symprove shot. Jump back into bed. Put the news on. Black coffee. Walk, swim or run then eat." - Susan

Those who get outdoors in nature for some morning movement

“Symprove first when I get up, then feed the dog, shower, coffee, breakfast, walk the dog etc. Sets me up for the day.” - Caroline

"Symprove shot, exercise, cold shower - crack on with the day." - Carol

"Symprove. Hot lemon (after waiting 10 minutes). Porridge. Walk…" - Jak

"Feed cats (they won’t wait) Symprove…wait…cup of tea, shower, exercise class or a swim then breakfast or breakfast then walk." - Jeanette

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